Tuesday, August 4, 2009


And so it was that Chaco and I found ourselves with the other captives at the Department of Revenue this morning for two hours of our lives. Two hours for what was approximately 5 minutes of actual Department of Revenue business.

We were there to get his driver's permit. Welcome to the world of government efficiency, as I told him. It was reminiscent of the time he broke his arm and we were at the after-hours care place and another patient had a "cardiac incident" and so all the rest of the patients got put on the way back burners for a while.

But we survived. I suppose I should be happy that it was only 2 hours.

I thought back to when I got my permit and, eventually, my license. In the small town where I grew up, I remember there was one guy. One guy, one counter. He administered and graded the written test. He approved the permit. He gave the driving test. He approved the license. Maybe there was someone else there who took the picture, not sure. But I remember that, for all the other stuff, there was that one guy. All the teenager's knew him. Just go see that guy. One guy, one counter. No take-a-number-and-wait. And wait. And wait.

And wait.

And just think. A year from now, we get to do it all again to get his license.


Goes by the name of Anna said...

*shudder* This brings back memories...

terri said...

After you get over the initial fear and shock of having a child who drives, you might actually find it comes in handy to have a child who drives. But you have a year to get used to the idea.