Thursday, July 30, 2009

summer daze

Okay, it's 46 degrees outside. Fahrenheit. Northern hemisphere even! Yep, we're having a cold front. Nope, no French presidents collapsing here. I like it!

And how's the summer reading going? I just finished reading A Walk in the Woods, my curiosity about the Appalachian Trail was piqued by one of my running friends who is contemplating an attempt at it.

The author didn't actually complete the whole 2160 mile trek, though. He completed about 40% with his hikes interspersed with long stretches back in civilization. So now, I wanted to read about someone who'd done the whole thing start to finish. I just started reading A Walk for Sunshine.

The first book was very enjoyable and educational and fun to read. Two thumbs up. The author is a writer who hiked portions of the trail then wrote about it. The hiking is certainly commendable, but he's a writer first, a hiker second.

The second book is okay so far. I find the writing rather elementary, particularly after having just finished A Walk in the Woods. And I don't feel a need to be told what moleskin is or the definitions of "hypothermia" and "switchbacks", but it should be a good adventure despite some nonessential sentences.

So the first book is well written, averagely hiked. The second is well hiked, averagely written. It will all balance out in the end.

Whatcha readin'?


brandy101 said...

I was reading a book on theological history (interspersed w. glimpses of the author*s dry humor) and as much as I really enjoyed it, it was taking me forever to get through. So, after renewing twice @ the library, I broke down and spent $4 (incl shipping!) for my own paperback copy via used sales on Amazon. This was I can underline/highlight some of the things I want to go back to and research in greater detail later.

Duble said...

I just finished endurance. Which is a marvel. It is about Shackleton's expedition and them being stuck in the artic ice for years, they didn't lose one man.

Now i am reading the road, it won the pulitzer prize for fiction a couple years ago, i am about 75 pages in and i think it might have one the pulitzer prize for crap i don't want to finish

Jen said...

In the month of July I read The Carrot Principle, The Millionaire Next Door, and The Year of Living Biblically. I'm now working my way through Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me.

Judy said...

I just finished some Harlequin 60th anniversary freebie I picked up at a display a the MALL (I know! Me! In a mall!) a couple of months ago. Yeah. Deep reading, you know.

Now I'm reading a book called Kaleidoscope - a compilation of 4 romance novels (Christian based). It was just sitting in my "reading chair", so it got the nod!

terri said...

I'm reading The Wednesday Sisters. Found it on the Target bestsellers shelf. Working hard to try to "get into" it. Maybe I'll try your suggestions instead.

Adam said...

I just finished "Mad Kestrel" (It's a pirate novel by Misty Massey).
The Appalacians are gorgeous. I drove through them on my way to Georgia, and while they're no Rockie by any means, they're so pretty, especially in the summer and I'm sure in the fall.

agg79 said...

46? Are you complaining or bragging? Of course, down here where we're enjoying another weekend of 99+ degrees, it kinda sounds (to me) like the latter.

I think I may try to pick up one of those reads. I'd love to hike the Appalacians if it weren't for that dang job of mine.

Beej said...

I'm about a chapter into Gene Wilder's "The Woman Who Wouldn't". I read "My French Whore" that he wrote and loved it. Pretty simple read, good story and I couldn't help making Gene Wilder the main character and it read like a movie. Loved it.