Saturday, July 11, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XLVII

Greetings this fine Saturday! The summer, she's a-flying by, is she not? Time for some more silver liningness.

This week, I think, marked the first week where we had hot weather and no afternoon thunderstorms. That day was Wednesday. The kids and I rejoiced and packed our bag, donned the swimsuits, slathered on the sunscreen, and headed to the beach - YIPEE! Then we learned something new: The beach is closed on Wednesdays. BOO! HISS!!

Not to be dismayed, however. On Friday, the skies cleared once again, we did the whole readiness thing, and we got our beach fix. YAY!

This week, Magnum and I also got a great outdoors fix. We found this cute little arch for short people. I've christened it "Bulldog Arch" for the rock formation there on top, to the right. See the bulldog? See it??

We caught another movie on DVD too. Defiance. Was good, better than I expected it would be, actually. I usually like true story movies. Some hairy stuff, but a nice ending.

I accepted another little assignment at work, too. No biggie, just something I've not done before. I think my managers have come to feeling like "Let's get Abby, she'll do it", like that kid Mikey who ate the Life Cereal?

The yard is getting there, regarding my jungle clean up. Baby steps. And I would just like to thank my friends at Zicam Allergy Relief for help making it all possible. (Yes, I know about warnings regarding Zicam and their cold and flu remedies causing loss of sense of smell. This is the allergy stuff, plus my smell is already pretty senseless anyways...)


Elizabeth said...

Yay for Zicam, warm weather, and Life cereal! But since when does the beach "close"? :)

So glad you could get your beach fix in anyway!

Whimsical Ranter said...

very cool! I'll check out the movie....thanks!

terri said...

A beach that closes? I thought there were just times when the lifeguard isn't on duty and it's "swim at your own risk."

That Bulldog Arch is really amazing. It's almost tempting to take up hiking myself. (If I could just find another few hours in each day, no problem.)

Duble said...

That roman numberal lesson in 4th grade sure is coming in handy around these parts!

Judy said...

There's a beach? In Colorado?