Saturday, July 4, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XLVI

Greetings! And Happy Independence Day! Got a bit of felonious activity (illegal fireworking) going on outside my window, so pardon in advance if I have to suddenly take in a criminal or two seeking refuge in the case of a bust.

First of all, on this holiday, I am thankful to wake up in the U.S., given some of the alternatives.

We enjoyed a lovely hike today. It was cut a little short because of some ominous looking and rumbling cloudage. I'm not a big fan of being on top of a mountain when lightning comes to visit.

As it happened, however, once we'd made it back to our van, the nasty stuff had moved off in a different direction, but we still had an enjoyable time and took in some nice scenery. There were a few other hikers and mountain bikers enjoying the day, but not so many as to give it the tourist trappy feel. And with that acknowledgement, assume whatever you'd like regarding the "nice scenery" *wink*wink*.

Also, got rid of some junk this week. The next door neighbor is getting ready to sell her house (Nooooooo! Not the GOOD neightbor!!), and threw a garage sale yesterday. Chaco, Wolfgang, and Meego decided to get in on it and sold some of their crap.... er... previously enjoyed recreational items. I didn't sell anything, but it got me digging around anyway, and our donation box is once again ready for pickup.

Oh, and I did get in a good chick flick after this week of All-Transformers-All-The-Time. Ladies, I recommend "In Her Shoes". I'd never heard of it before and don't remember how it ended up on our Netflix queue, but I am so thankful it came to us in my time of need. Magnum even watched it with me and declared it good.

So, once again, Happy Independence Day! Be safe. Don't drink and drive. Don't hike around lightning. Don't get cocky with the Chinese explosives.



Judy said...

I am looking forward to the day when I can string together enough minutes to watch a movie. You inspire me.

How good was that scenery on the hike????

Herb said...

I love the lightning in Colorado, but from a safe distance, too. Heard some bad stories.

Beej said...

Watched "The Island" last night. Was...different. Kinda liked it... I think. I love Netflix with all my parts.

My kids are off seeing scenery with my sister. Kinda miss the noise...

terri said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend all around. Nice that you can squeeze in some family time hiking.

I read the book, "In her shoes." I don't think I ever caught the movie, but I liked the book.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Thanks for the chickflick recommendation. I'm always looking for a good one. Magnum liked it? Maybe there is hope that Rainbird won't find it too bad also.

Did you have to take in any refugees?

Duble said...

Is it flanders that is moving? Or is flanders the good neighbor? If she is the good neighbor, I don't want to move to your neighorhood.

Also, I am sticking with Transformers counts as a chick flick, the baby and I watch the first one ondemand the other day, she didn't protest.

Anonymous said...

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