Wednesday, July 8, 2009

may be safely removed

Okay, last week I sort of gave Meego some flack here about not being able to part with his Playmobil Deluxe Zoo, unearthed in a Man Cave archeological dig. He has since disassembled it and packed it back up, but I don't see it ending up for sale very soon.

My parents are notorious pack rats. Really. It's like a sickness. Even THEY say so. On a recent visit to their home, I told my mom that I had gone into the basement to look for something and she got this look on her face, all horrified, "you went into the.... basement?!?"
It's probably because of this that I abhor clutter. Things have a pretty short shelf life around here. I remember when I could pack up and move all of my belongings with one trip in a little economy car.

Because of certain "trappings" I've picked up in life (namely a husband and 3 kids), my life is not the carefree clutter-free life it once was, but I manage. So on last week's post, I had posed a question to what others had in THEIR closets. Those items that have either been forgotten, or that we are just too weak to bring ourselves to part with.

Despite my anticlutter stance, I admit to such a weakness. Two, actually.

Exhibit A shows the grubby high school track team hoodie. The GHSTTH if you will. This thing is easily 30 years old. Note the total lack of fashion.

I know what some may be thinking. "We had to turn in our track uniforms at the end of the season". Yeah, well so did we, which is probably the reason this particular piece of cotton contraband is difficult for me to part with. And that's all I will say about that...

Nextly, we have my bedraggled childhood teddy bear. No, I have not been carrying this around with me my whole life. It was actually on a trip to my pack rat parents' house not too long ago that this bear was rediscovered (naturally, it had not been discarded).

The kids saw it as some rare antique thing and declared that we (I) should reclaim it, so I did. I put it on this shelf, and there it still sits today because I'm afraid if I touch it, it will disintegrate.

So there we have it. No more secrets. And tomorrow is trash day.

Rejoice in it.


Judy said...

My in-laws are the quintessential keepers all all things. Not all things valuable or all things sentimental. Just ALL THINGS. It is really sad.

Love the bear...truly I do!

michelle said...

Old things are comfort and I think it is great that you still have this sweatshirt and bear. I have my stuffed rabbit from when I was 2. I would still be sleeping with it every night if he wasn't so threadbare. He has to sleep in my bureau drawer to keep from losing all his beads. I carried him with me everywhere - through summer vacations to the lake, 4 years of college, 2 years of grad school, on my honeymoon, and I still take him out on my sad/sick days!

Call me crazy but something about him is so comforting.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Abby! My closets contain nearly everything that remains from mine and my husband's entire lives. My parents are packrats. My mother just can't bring herself to get rid of anything as it can all be repurposed. My husband's parents kept nearly every toy, linen, drawing, and knick-knack associated with his childhood and kindly passed it on to us. The combination is boxes and boxes and boxes of *stuff* which I wish we had the time and emotional ability to get rid of--both at the same time, hopefully. :D Your ability to purge is a gift!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

If you're a clutterphobic, it's a very good thing that you can't see my desk. My cluttering ability is truly a force to be reckoned with. Can't throw anything away either - what if one day I need those notes that I took in Classical Mythology class in first year? I might *need* to know what sacrifice to make to Zeus! It's, erm, totally possible!

terri said...

I think I still have my bear around here somewhere. His name was Teddy. Original, I know. I also have a vintage 1970s Dawn doll and some accessories.

Oh man! I'M a pack rat!