Monday, July 13, 2009

I think about you in the summertime

In answer to Judy's question:

Yes, there is a beach! In Colorado even! A few of them actually. They are absolutely nothing like the beaches on TV, or, I bet, the beaches on vacations. There are some lakes here. And there are parts of the shores of some lakes that have some sand. There's a lake here in the city that has some sand, and someone put in some restrooms and a lifeguard chair and called it the beach.

I kinda like the beach. The pools get all crowded and I feel like a log in a log jam on the way to the sawmill when I go there.

The beach has a lot of room to swim, and it's in the middle of a local park. Kids frolic around in the surf and sand, serious swimmers do their laps, training for their next triathlon I suppose. The lifeguards are not Baywatchians, just nice responsible high school kids holding down nice responsible summer jobs.

So yes, we hit the beach whenever our schedules and the weather cooperate. So far, this year, we've gone ONE whole time. It rains nearly every afternoon. I don't mind rain. Hail can make a mess and sting when it hits. Lightning, I've got the phobia.

So days at the beach are that much sweeter since they can be hard to come by. Yes, I like the beach.

Except on Wednesdays.



terri said...

This looks like my favorite local beach - which is actually a man made beach. It's a cement pool filled with sand, sits in the middle of a local park and has lifeguards and bathrooms. It's nice knowing there won't be any fish, weeds or leeches messing with my toes while I'm in there.

Duble said...

I was going to comment on abby's post, but hten I read terri's comment and thought LEECHES, LEECHES!!! Where do you live the Congo?

brandy101 said...

we did not get in much beach time this past week in WI b/c with the rainy spring, the lakes have just not warmed up yet. Too cold to really be able to enjoy the water.

Whodat? said...

To add to the realism, I might recommend a mouthful of saltwater and a man-o-war jellyfish encounter.

Judy said...

Um, okay - I'm going to a BEACH in two days and I'll post some pics to show you what a beach here looks like.

Because to me? That's a LAKE. :-)