Monday, July 6, 2009

better go and get your armour

Okay, SSSSSHHHHH, don't say anything, but [whispers] I'm feeling a bit... restless.

Fourth of July pretty much marks the halfway point of summer break, and here I am feeling a bit stir crazy. I know because when I get this way, I start doing restless activities. Today? I pulled weeds. I mean I pulled bunches and bunches of weeds.

Remember how I told a while back about our backyard jungle? The one that became somewhat civilized after I placed a new weed whacker into Wolfgang's destructive hands? Well, whaddya know, the place doesn't stay cleaned up on its own.

Today, it was an all-out weed assault. Because I'm restless. How are weeds measured? Bevies? Bushels? Bunches? Barrels? Anyway, I pulled lots. Pounds, many pounds. Yes, the nature (pun intended) of my backyard allows for this.

We do have somewhat of a structure, if we can call it that, to our summer. We made a list. A to-do list like thing. A list of things we want to do over the summer, finances allowing. That last part? That "finances allowing" part? Kinda limits us *pffffffft*.

And we've checked a few things off the list - done some things more than once - and it's going well, I'd say. But still, here I am all restless.

I think I need help. I need some good cheap fun advice to use up these last precious weeks of summer break. I feel them slipping through my fingers.

I need a good brainstorm session. No criticizing.

Legality is negotiable.


agg79 said...

I would say camping, but you've already done that. How about a road trip? Something local that you haven't seen/done before? Google (or Bing) things around the area and see what's available/cheap. Of course, you could always try your hand at bowling like terri.

Duble said...

I say, take the finances and go to the casinos with the new higher limits, try that out, see if you can win and than take a trip to bali.

Or go camping at the badlands, not that far of a drive, and I think they're really cool. Also given your locale, I would say chaco canyon you could go to santa fe, pretend to be all artsy, unless you are all artsy, but then the trip wont be for faux haute coutre, any and still go camping and stuff.

I just picked up the book "the road." You could pick that up and well then we'll have a book club

Also, as your summer activity consultant, I expect prompt payment for my services.

terri said...

Is there a place you can go tubing down a river? How about fishing? Geo-caching? (I think that's what it's called.) And of course, as Agg said, there's always bowling!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Um, you've pretty much already done all the things that I fantasize about doing in summer time...

My parents were always a big fan of the big family cooking session - getting together and making something that was normally deemed too fiddly/time-consuming to make normally (like fresh pasta or a big batch of pies, which could then be frozen). Though perhaps not the best idea if it's a bit too hot to be kitchen dwelling.