Wednesday, February 25, 2009

suburban mom stereotype rebel

It's like springtime here. In February! So yesterday I had the excuse of books due at the library to get out for a bike ride. I was all bike knickers and short sleeves.

And I get to an interesection near the library, and wouldn't you know it, a minivan-driving mom just scoots on through the intersection - eyes clearly focused on her cell phone upon which she was clearly texting away on. For Gosh sakes, it's the library!

I do realize that it's probably a function of where I live - the *shudders* SUBURBS - but what is it with these minivan moms? I've said it here before, of all the close calls I've had with vehicles while out and about on my bicycle, they overwhelmingly involve women in minivans.

Yesterday's observation was not a close call. I am now subconsciously alert to any minivans within a hundred feet or so of me at all times. I just saw her, I KNOW she didn't see me, nor anyone else on the road at that time for that matter.

I hear about how the most risky drivers and, therefore, drivers with the highest insurance rates are young males, but I'm tellin' ya, that's not been my experience. It's the minivan moms. Really, I want to see some accurate statistics!

BEWARE the minivan moms! I BEG you!

This has been a public service announcement.


  1. It seems to get worse as the weather get warmer. When running I have to almost do jumping jack as I go throught the cross walk to TRY to make the people turning right-on-red catcha glimpse of me. I expect everyone to NOT see me. It is the only safe approach.

  2. I have a mini van but I always watch for people on bikes. Really I do...

  3. So cause I'm a guy I pay more insurance? Psh. What a rip.

    I hate cell phones. Not the phones, correction. The way people USE the phones grates my nerves to no end. Those who read this PLEASE be careful not to do that while you drive. You don't want to kill nice ladies like Abby.


  4. Around here its women in vans or SUVs on their phone s- the phone being the part of the equation that makes the risk factor go up.

  5. I passed a lady on the road Monday who was driving and READING A NOVEL at the same time. Really - this is safe????

  6. I can't text while sitting in a chair focusing on nothing else but the cell phone. How do these mini-van moms even attempt to do this?

  7. I have texted in the car at a red light, but NOT while driving!!! YIKES! I don't drive a minivan either though... Hee Hee

  8. This is a good reason to run on the treadmill where no cars can run over you or dogs run out and bite you. (Abby-I ran 24 minutes without stopping this morning and I'm so proud I might fall apart)

  9. Abby!
    Yuo moved you r blog- I only caught up now, as I have had a hiatus from internet stuff.
    Although I am a man, and run the risk of being a chauvinist (also, I don't drive)- I'd like to point out a SouthAfrican statistic released this week- more than 75% of traffic offenders are women. Hey- I didn't make that up, ok! And you can bet that they all have SUVs and minivans. Driving along, dead-headed on anti-depressants and alcohol, trying to apply their mascara with a cell phone. Terrible businees, it's a wonder any of us have survived.