Thursday, January 1, 2009

midnight madness

I don't typically stay up until midnight on New Year's eve. The guys do their male-bonding-through-video-games thing and then usually wake me for the fireworks. But yesterday, we went bowling and while there, got to talking about everyone's plans for the evening. I said I would stay up until midnight only if someone agreed to run a "Midnight Mile" with me.

To my surprise, everyone got on board. What?

So, there I was. Up at midnight, gathering the troops to go run the first mile of the New Year. Everyone survived, and Chaco caught it on a rather "Cloverfield-esque" video.

The movie is shaky, dark, ill-defined in spots, and, in general, poor quality and a bit nauseating. Naturally, with all of those attributes, I had to post a segment of it.

See if you can follow the participants. We were in single file and fartlekking. If you don't know that term, it's not as gross as it sounds. Anyway, shortly after the beginning, Chaco is in front and you'll see clear sidewalk. Next comes Wolfgang from the left in the 2-tone jacket. Next is me, mainly a shot of my feet. I'm wearing a beret - I thought it festive. After me is a pretty good shot of Meego looking rather like a moonwalking astronaut. Lastly is Magnum in a pair of light colored pants. Then Chaco does his fartlek back up to the front and the thing continues.

So that was us at midnight, just more of the same for another 5200 feet or so. Once we got back, everyone declared that they were fully awake after that mile and might as well stay up longer. What have I done...



  1. LOL!! I LOVE it!!!! Love the choice of music for the back ground of the video!!

  2. I'm impressed that Chaco was able to run and hang onto the video cameral all at the same time, even if the final result does make my eyes a little buggy.

    Technically, I stayed up until midnight (waiting for a kid to get home) but I think I fell asleep and missed midnight. The kid got home about 12:15 and woke me up. I went for a run this morning. There was no one else out. They must have all been hung over.

  3. Great video & excellent choice for theme music. I like the idea of a midnight mile, but I think I'd wind up doing it solo down here. I used to do a New Year's Resolution run several years back. Nothing like running a 10k with a bunch of hung over people. Unfortunately, with my shoulder injury, my running program has been put on pause for a while.

    Prost Neujahr!

  4. Where was the mindless drive by's? Mayhem? Occasional swearing? Ok, family film - let me back up...,

    The dialog was lacking but there was lots of action and a whole of shaking going on. The violence was disguised very well - I couldnt tell if anyone was shot or beaten along the way, you trained your family well in the black arts of keeping those activies in stealth mode.., eh.., close enough.

    Around here if you would have mentioned a midnight run, you would have seen a look of terror in my eyes and my dog would have hid under the bed yelping as if she had been beaten. Never mention such evils again. Such things are best spoken in hushed tones from the shadows.

    Oddly - since you mentioned it - for the first time, nieghbors have not fired off even so much as a firecracker last night! Never before has this happened even when fireworks were banned. Suddenly I am feeling creeped out and alarmed! Maybe they all opted for the Midnight Run!??


  5. Um, I'm going to have to come back and watch the footage when it doesn't make me so queasy - all that bumping and jumping and darkness...but I love the music!

  6. What a cool (and healthy!) way to ring in 2009! Happy New Year!

  7. I wasn't doing anything nearly as productive as that. We played cards with friends and shot fireworks at midnight. Then we spent 30 more minutes searching for the blanket of the 4 year old guest that had disappeared in the dark shadows of my house. The blanket was found and a good time was had by all. Happy new year Abby!

  8. I rang in the new year eastern time and than went to bed.

  9. Very cool! LOL A midnight run sounds like the beginning of a great tradition. who know? Maybe others will join you next year...

    I could be big....big I tell ya.

  10. That is so amazing!

    We celebrated the arrival of the new year with friends around a bonfire, drinking wine & beer and eating marshmallow smores.

    Good times. :)