Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I just got back from dropping off the car at the oil change place. Every time I go there, they find some other service they "need" to perform. I typically turn them down but it's warying. I take the cars there, though, because it's close and they always have coupons.

The dog is due for shots and a checkup. Every time I go there, they find some other precedure they "need" to perform. I typically turn them down, but it's warying. I take the pets there, though, because it's close and they're friendly.

My bicycle could use a real bike shop tune up. Every time I go there, I find some accessory that I "need". I typically talk myself out of it.

I need a haircut. Every time I go to the stylists, they try to talk me into highlights. I always turn them down, but it get's warying. I go there because it's close and relatively cheap.

Citibank called. Somebody made two small online purchases yesterday with our account number. Wasn't me, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't Mag. They offered to cancel the account.



  1. I have a client that has had his credit card numbers stolen twice in the past year.

    I am not sure who the carrier is but both time someone was trying to buy electronics for delivery to Brasil.

  2. I like that the credit card companies are so diligent. I'm even hearing of people who have received calls to check recent purchases that turn out to be valid purchases by the card owner.

  3. These people who get your card numbers try a couple of small purchases to make sure it works and then go for the big one. We had a couple of them, but the credit card company was right on top of it.

    They called us and it went away quickly. Ours even calls when I am out of town and get gas in a strange place. We have been with them for about 12 years...we love them.

  4. Mine is the same way - they called me when I was out of town using the card once. Another one actually froze my card because they thought there was fraudulent use on it. Luckily I wasn't out of town or out of the county for that matter! I would've been IRATE had they stranded me!!!!

  5. Meh - I relate. I'm in about a perpetual state of needing a haircut. I procrastinate like nobody's business on the matter...

    Actually, my bike needs a tune up as well...

    Stop magically knowing the things that I'm putting off!

  6. Hey Abby, I've missed you too, thanks for stopping by. My blogging life is pretty hit and miss these days. Mostly miss...
    That is scary about the credit card theif!