Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was on the walking path, headed up to pick Meego up from school recently, when I ran into a friend of mine. She was giddy about her new Nike + ipod. She'd received it for Christmas after dropping several unmistakable hints.

She flipped through the screens, showing me how far she'd walked, how many calories burned, etc. Interestingly, she wasn't even wearing a pair of nike shoes. She just rigged a little pouch into the laces of her non-nikes to hold the sensor. From her enthusiasm, I think she'll enjoy her exercisive jaunts a little more now. She's by no means obese, but she's often talked to me of wanting to be more fit and sometimes seeks my advice.

So, I'm glad for her. For all I know, she could be out there right now be-bopping along while her shoe talks to her ipod. I was thinking about this yesterday. I don't listen to music when I'm outside running. I prefer to be able to hear what's going on around me, and while I know that some people like to listen to their tunes to keep their mind off of the exertion, sometimes I like my mind to be ON the exertion.

Plus, my ears are earbudly challenged, but that's another story.

If I'm on my treadmill, however, I do like some music to take my mind away from the fact that I'm in a little room going nowhere. I think I've mentioned that I have yet to get an ipod or mp3 player like the rest of the civilized world. Instead, I listen to cassette tapes. Seriously. I get blank tapes and "download" songs I like from the radio. Sometimes, it can take me an entire week to create a 2-hour cassette.

And I'm starting to feel like a cavewoman. Like I should be out hanging up strips of wooly mammoth to dry while I'm recording.

I mentioned on my running blog that my tape player ate one of my cassettes during my treadmilling yesterday. The general response was "Cassettes?? What the hell...???" Yes, cassettes, okay? They actually still make them! Five for eight bucks at wal-farts!

Is it too soon to drop hints for next Christmas?


Judy said...

I love love LOVE me some good cassettes! I still have them - my car has a cassette player!

brandy101 said...

kudos to your old-skool technology!

Duble said...

X-mas? Way to early, but ground hogs day is very soon, you should get one for that!!

agg79 said...

Cassettes, 8-tracks, cds, MP3s. I used to be exclusively cassette tapes but was finally converted to the ipod last year. Holds way more music and less prone to breakage than tapes but whatever works for you works for you. I was earbudly challenged as well but shopped around for some different sets and found one that stayed in during runs.

Anonymous said...

I have discovered a satellite radio that can go in my vehicle AND go running with me. It also is like heaven on earth.

terri said...

I only recently gave up my CD Walkman. I loved that thing and it was great for walking. I now have an mp3 player (not a "real" ipod) but have realized, like you, I need to hear what's going on around me while running. I'm afraid I'll get run over if I don't hear the traffic. And I can't for the life of me find a pair of earbuds that will stay in my ears either. I must have small ear cavities.