Monday, January 19, 2009

back to nature and public restrooms

We went to the big city to get some culture at the big museum yesterday.

There wasn't a whole lot of new stuff there since the last time we'd been, but the kids always enjoy traipsing about in the place. Me, I'm not really much of a walk-around-and-look-at-stuff kind of person, but I happily tag along. There's usually at least some good people watching opportunities at such places.

At the Space Odyssey exhibit, I spotted a couple that looked like they'd walked out of an REI catalog. It's hard to confirm if they were actually the outdoorsy types, or if they just liked to wear rugged outdoor clothing all of the time. The male half of the couple did look like he could easily conquer a tall mountain, while the female half seemed to have trouble keeping her hand off of his butt. Okay, maybe I was a bit envious of that.

While at the Africa exhibit, we were impressed by the realistic and detailed dioramas. At one point, I had crouched down to the floor to analyze how a particular gazelle was suspended in mid-bound. A small person of about 2.5 years, I would guess, violently let me know that I was in what he considered to be "his" space.

The Dinosaur exhibit featured a young boy who clearly needed and wanted a nap. Despite his continued tantrumation expressing his want of a nap - really, he actually used the words "LET ME LAY DOWN!" - he was forced to remain at the exhibit. Something tells me that someday, he will be allowed to lay down on a therapist's couch and recount the experience.

At the Northern Regions exhibit were four loudish college-aged people snapping pictures of just about everything in sight. I was a bit perplexed at the idea of taking pictures of a picture, for instance, but oh well. At one point, they even had Chaco take a picture of the four of them as they sat upon some wooden caribou. Chaco and I both thought them weird, but he took the picture in hopes they would go away. They did.

The Gems and Minerals display featured a lot of rocks. And a hungry baby.

That's about it. Our day of culture.


  1. You're title is miss leading, I was hoping to enjoy reading a good bathroom story instead of having to retell them.

  2. The comment before mine made me snicker ... what IS the notation of a public restroom got t'do with people watching at the museum anyways? ... a distraction maybe ... humm ...

  3. Haha, this made me laugh... Probably because I've spent too much time in museums/galleries over the last month or so...

  4. Next time maybe you can trying being the people who are thought of as weird. Might be a fun change of perspective. You know... for blogging purposes.

    I'm sure Mag wouldn't protest your hand on his butt either.

  5. I was hoping for some potty talk myself.

    People watching is ALWAYS top-notch!

  6. People watching is always fun.

    Sorry I've been MIA...Missed ya!

  7. People watching is a great sport. Sometimes it's more fun than watching cable. Of course, in some parts of the country, it can be called stalking...

  8. Since I was downtown,I know hubby took the kiddo there to wait for me but I am not sure where they went, besides a famous chicago-style pizza place next to the hospital that I recommended...but that *is* sort of cultural in its own way...