Saturday, October 18, 2008

Silver Lining Saturday part IX

Saturday tutor student rescheduled on me again at the last minute. Teenaged boys!! He was at his dad's (shared custody thing), and our meeting place was a bit of a drive from there. Did we say Saturday?? *exaggerated SIGH*

But that's okay, we've rescheduled and I'm sure he'll make that session, so how about this week's episode of Silver Lining Saturday:

Thankful for Season of Sneezelessness: The weather's been really nice lately. Fall is my favorite season. Not too hot, not too cold, just the right amount of "crispness" in the air. And I think we had a freeze. Goodbye allergies!

Thankful for Non-Navigation: As mentioned, the kids had yesterday off from school, so Magnum took the day off too to "do something". We decided to go for a hike. Just a simple jaunt around some National Forest land we'd not visited before (think of the foreboding "3-hour tour... a 3-hour tour..."). Yep, ended up getting lost.
To be honest, I was a bit bored until we got lost. Then we were having an adventure! We weren't lost with a threat of going all Donner party. We weren't lost and having to face a choice between dying or cutting off some limb. We were simply lost in the sense of "hmmmm.... I wonder which of these trails leads us back to the van." Worse case scenario would've been us just walking the 15 miles or so back to our house and going back for the van later. As it was, we thrashed around in the woods on a beautiful day for about 4 hours. FUN TIMES!

Thankful for Elemental Ease: Had a Parent/Teacher conference this week for Meego and all is good, plus I like his teacher. I didn't expect otherwise, but it's always nice to hear the good stuff. P/T conferences are optional for middle and high school, and Chaco and Wolfgang convinced me that they weren't necessary. Hmm... still wondering.

Thankful for Biblioliphic Banter: It was also the week of the elementary school book fair that I'd inadvertently signed up for 4 shifts then negotiated back down to two. It's actually a fun volunteer job. The little (K-2nd grade) kids just need people to help them fill out their "wish lists". Greedy little suckers, but cute all the same.


terri said...

Getting comfortably lost for four hours on a beautiful fall day DOES sound like a blessing in disguise. I'm glad you enjoyed it and didn't feel the need to panic.

Jerry said...

As I was reading this, it had the rather less than wholesome thought. If your family was stranded somewhere and did have to kick it donner style, there isn't enough meat on any of you to get the other through the weekend.

On the other hand it was a spectacular weekend.

Whimsical Ranter said...

Yeah I can't wait until we start getting frozen conditions outside. My sinuses can definitely use a break.