Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hot pics!

"Is it hot in here, or is it just me??"

"It's soooooooooo hot!"

"Hot Hot Hot!"


All right, geesh. So, we got the new furnace today. Whimsical Ranter asked for a photo, so here it is. Ain't she a beaut? I'm referring to the furnace, although, Whimmy Ranty could also be considered as such.

One thing I noticed as the installers were here - I'm not much of a homebody. I was forced into exile so as to not leave them here without a homeowner present, so I had to busy myself. What's worse, I couldn't use the computer! Yes, the computer desk is right around the corner from the furnace. Isn't everyone's?

So I was forced into doing teacher OOC work (out of classroom, or "ookwerk") and housewifery. ALL day. I did make a brief escape to walk the dog.

I realized that I typically do my housewifery in bits and pieces. Load of laundry here, scrubbed toilet there, sweep the crud here, dust the bunnies there. It all gets done between other, more fun, more get-out-of-the-house stuff. Just in time to start the bits and pieces all over again. Same with the ookwerk.

But here I was.

My checkbook is balanced, my credit card receipts are categorized, my floors are vacuumed, math lessons are ready, the drawer beneath the oven is crumbless, the pet *ahem* facilities are pristine, practice tests are scored, the human facilities are pristine, and the mysterious pile of dirt has been dispersed. (Remind me to tell you about the mysterious pile of dirt).

And we have a new furnace. It's a gas.


terri said...

Hmmm... my household seems to be getting out of control. Maybe I just need to get a new furnace!

It is a beauty!

Whimsical Ranter said...

Oh it's a beauty! You and the furnace!

I did some housewifery stuffs today too...but nothing near as thrilling as everything you accomplished.

Now do tell about that mysterious dirt pile....I do enjoy a good mystery.

LauraBelle said...

Well jumpin jack flash! This 'ol house we live in used to only have a single floor furnace and we swithced it over to forced air & heating. No way could I get anything done with them guys crawling all over the house! I too am most curious regarding the mysterious pile of dirt ... do tell soon!

brandy101 said...

Migrane or not, I still cleaned the terlet and folded wash and vacuumed!

We rock, you know that?!

Herb said...

Wow. You da woman! Cool hot pic, too.

Adam said...

sounds like you had a pretty productive day. Kudos :D