Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silver Lining LSATurday part III

I spent the morning administering practice LSAT tests to some prospective law schoolers. I'm not qualified (yet) to teach preparation for LSAT, but I can proctor as good as the next proctologist!

Anyway, the mother ship knows this, so likes to save trips for my cohorts in Denver down here to podunk Colorado Springs on occassion. I mainly agreed to do it to save the real teacher trips from Denver on Saturdays. Proctors earn about as much money as lunch ladies. And I'm not dissing lunch ladies. I was one, remember?!

But I didn't want to break my stride with the thankfulness-of-the-week posts, so here goes!

Firstly, that virus or whatever, in case anyone is wondering about any dead bunnies around here. I'm thankful that I'm feeling better and we're pretty sure that Mag is now sterile as a mule. Still wanting some eggs though... Don't get me wrong, I love babies and all, but SHEESH, I'm 43, have old eggs (speaking of which), and have teenagers in the house. We're not going there.

We watched an awful movie today. "Dan in Real Life". It was just bad bad in my opinion. Sure, some people have liked it, so don't not see it just on my account, but really. Don't see it. BUT, it just made me thankful for some good movies we've seen lately. "Knocked Up" was a surprise winner, "In Bruges" which I'd never heard of, is grisly, but oddly enjoyable. "Best in Show", recommended by my step-mother-in-law of all people, was also good fun.

I'm thankful that I got a new tutor student this week. Between him and the law schoolers, that should make for a comfortable work schedule for the time being.

I'm thankful that it's September. Fall is my favorite time of year. No longer unbearably hot, and not yet all consumingly cold.

I'm thankful that my (sterile) husband cleans up the dinner dishes so I can blog this entry.

And always, I'm thankful for my blog friends. Way better than spam.


Judy said...

Yay! I'm above spam!

Movies? What are those?

I'm (almost) 40 - I know all about those old eggs...scares me to death and I wish Scott would get to Dr. Happysnips PRONTO. We've been "told" we'd never conceive naturally, but it has happened more than once - do we really need that right now? Uh, NO!

terri said...

Well, if YOU'RE glad you're not knocked up, then I'M glad you're not knocked up! (I also loved the movie "Knocked Up.")

I agree, fall is THE best time of the year. I love me some summer, but fall is perfect. Not too hot, not too cold.

brandy101 said...

The only good part of Dan in Real life is Steve Carrel (and Diane Weist as his mom.)Oh, and that gorgeous seaside house they filmed it in. it made me JEALOUS!

Its was poorly written/edited and Juliette Binoche was AWFUL - esp. with trying to hide her naturally lovely French accent.

Last night we rented an oldie but goodie that I had never seen: Day of the Jackal. I loved the suspense but also some of the subtle humor. And not violent like suspense stuff of today.

LauraBelle said...

Personally, MY favorite spam comes in a nifty blue tin can! Ha!

Oh! ... and I'm thankful I've met you too, by the way ... *smiles*

Herb said...

I like my Spam from a nifty blue tin, too. Fried with cheese on white bread.

Adam said...

God Bless all the Bloggies :D!

We're thankful for you too, Abby!

Jerry said...

I liked dan in real life, cheesy predictable, and sappy, yes, but it did make me smile.