Saturday, August 16, 2008

something for a rainy day

I'm here drying out. NO, didn't go on a drinking binge, I think I'm too old to survive one. I went out running this morning despite the fact that it's been raining for OVER 30 HOURS STRAIGHT. What's up with that anyway?

But oh well, I like being outside, and since there was no lightning, I went for it and got thoroughly drenched! It was actually fun. My cotton gloves were a total waste of time, though, other than them serving as hand weights. Anyway, all of my drenched running clothing is in the washing machine, mainly because it needed the spin cycle.

So, as I sit here and dry out, I thought I'd do this sentence completion meme I got from Judy's. It looked more fun and more therapeutic than doing SAT Sentence Completion questions, but just my opinion...

I'm happiest when... I know I've been a postive influence on someone.
When I'm really down, what I want to do is.... be with upbeat people.
I feel anxious when.... I have that dream where there's a big test and I didn't study!
I'm afraid that... I'll die with unfulfilled dreams.
I like people who.... are authentic and happy just being themselves, unless they are authentically obnoxious.
All it takes to make me happy is... warm dry clothes on a rainy day, well today anyway.
What I really want to do is... finish this meme already.
I wish that... not telling, or else the wish won't come true. Isn't that the rule?
I don't like people who.... don't mean what they say.
A person really should.... relax and realize his/her own potential
I just hate it that.... my kids are such slobs (dunno, that was just the thing that came to mind at this moment *ahem*)
I have everything I need, however... I've got some junk I'd like to unload.
If I could do whatever I wanted, I would... Heal the sick! Feed the poor! Educate the uneducated! Turn invisible and go snoop on people!


Judy said...

The big-test-didn't-study dream, huh? Looks like work is spilling into your subconsciousness!

terri said...

I would never have thought anyone would actually ENJOY getting drenched in the rain. To me that is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Whimsical Ranter said...

turn invisible....LMAO. I would totally pick that too.

pendoodles said...

Send us some of your rain, but make it soft falling rain. Not like the Grand Canyon's been getting!

jacq said...

love the first line.. i saw ur other blog by the way, the one about running. i think i totally understand how you feel about running. it's pretty much the same passion i have for bike riding. and like you, i don't do it for it's health benefits.. i do it because i love it, plain and simple. =)