Sunday, November 6, 2011

Silver Liningness

Happy silver liningness Sunday!   And let me just begin with some bicycle love for the beautiful  Bella.  Had an enchanting ride this morning despite the frigid temperatures. I prefer Bella's bulk... er... robustness for when it gets chilly.

Along those same lines, I was wearing some new Pearl Izumi shoe covers as part of my Save-the-Tootsies campaign.

They're great, just slip them on over the shoes like little jackets for feet. I splurged and got me a pair just yesterday.  This morning, the thermometer said 31 degrees, and Bella, Pearl, and I made for an enjoyable threesome.  *ahem*

Okay, enough of that. In other silver liningness news,  Halloween came and went.  I'm actually kind of glad to not be doing the school party circuit anymore.  I did consider some sort of dress-up for my crosswalk clients.  Like maybe a hit and run victim?  Then I thought that could be a bit traumatic and mildly inappropriate for some.  I went as myself. 

My brother Wombat (a.k.a. "Guano") was passing through and treated me to lunch earlier this week.  I hardly ever see him, so it was a true treat. 

Things continue to move forward with the police dept. volunteerage.  When I hadn't heard from them for a few days after the polygraph + urinalysis, I was going over that polygraph in my head.  That fire?  At that party?  It wasn't intentional, I swear!!  Then they called with next steps.  Whew. 

I joined a local writer's group this week.  They do workshops and discussions and conferences and stuff like that.  I thought it would be a good thing for me to do. <---Life coach, remember?   Yep, had another good session with the get-a-life coach

Watched a movie yesterday - Two Hands - but didn't particularly like it.  The silver lining is that there were a couple of scenes that were absolutely hilarious

And, what's not to like about an extra hour?


terri said...

Frigid temperatures... shoe covers... 31 degrees??? I will now be grateful that it is still a very comfortable fall here in MN. I was barefoot out on the deck today, not that I should have been barefoot. It wasn't really THAT warm. But I could get away with it.

I like the sound of this life coach thing. I'll be watching your posts for more news about this. I'm curious!

Judy said...

I'm wondering about said foot covers...are they good for running as well? I was sooooo skeered on Saturday when I did that run in 35 degree temps...boogers were dipping below the freezing level in my nose, I think!

And hip hip hooray for extra hours, but why am I still up at old-12:38 a.m.????

agg79 said...

I like the idea of shoe covers, but don't think it will ever get cold enough down here to use them more than once or twice a year.

Sounds like your get-a-life coach is working out real well and really pushing you to new limits.