Monday, November 14, 2011

if a tree falls on a weekend...

does anyone care?

Yesterday, we noticed that a large tree had fallen over.  It was most likely a casualty of the obnoxious Saturday wind.

This was problematic because it was totally blocking the sidewalk and grass.  Sidewalk users were bound by a residential fence on one side and a busy boulevard on the other.  (Note:  this is "my" crosswalk boulevard with the horrible drivers).

I know that this sidewalk gets a lot of pedestrian traffic from kids walking to and from school.  Now, I'm not usually one to think morbid thoughts, but I did have visions of kids trying to walk around the downed tree by stepping into the crazy-driver boulevard.  I called the city.

"Hello, there's a large fallen tree blocking the sidewalk on crazy-driver boulevard."

"Oh, okay.  Is it blocking the road?"

"Not really, it spills onto the road, but cars can pass"

"Okay, we don't have a crew to clean it up today.  I'll leave a note for tomorrow".

"I see, well I do know that a number of kids will be walking that way to school in the morning, so I was concerned that they will try to walk in the street".

"Oh, okay.  Is the tree blocking the road?"

"Not really, it spills onto the road, but cars can pass"  *deja vu*?

"Okay, I'll leave a note for tomorrow". 

Let me just say now that this isn't a rant about the city not cleaning up the tree in time for school this morning.  It was a Sunday, and I was just happy that a real person answered the phone. 

The point is, that we can take matters into our own hands, so that's what "we" did.  *ahem*.  Magnum took our camp saw to the tree carcass and cut a path for the pedestrians.  It was quite an architectural masterpiece, really.  I should've gotten a picture, but instead all I have is the aftermath of what the city left after they did eventually get to it.

It wasn't a complicated thing to do (easy for me to say) to provide some peace of mind.  And it didn't go unnoticed.  I ran into another mom I know from the neighborhood whose daughter walks with Meego to their bus stop. 

"Your husband's awesome for cutting through that tree.  I called the city, but they wouldn't clear it yesterday."

Yeah, maybe we'll send them a bill.  Or maybe they'll "accidentally" fix the pothole at the end of our driveway?

Now for something totally unrelated... I've learned that,  not only is it NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, and Movember, it is also portrait-a-day month for the portraitly inclined. 

I confess that, when first hearing of this, I was all "nope, not enough time, plus, what if they suck?"  but then I thought I could at least try because it will be good exercise for my "accepting my vulnerabilities" (life coachee speak right there!)

So I will try to crank a portrait a day.  Just pencil stuff.  Spending no longer than an hour. 

Know who it is?  Got a fave face?



MissKris said...

Steve Jobs? To show you how out of touch I am with the techie world, the day he died and a bloggy friend posted an "RIP" notice on Facebook I had to ask her, "Should I know who this is?" Sheeeeeeeeesh...I can't imagine I didn't know who he was but I didn't! I knew what Apple was...just not the person behind it all.

agg79 said...

Kudos to you and Magnum for doing what the city would take a couple of weeks to clean up.

Nice portrait of Steve.

terri said...

The world would be a much better place if more people took a more common sense, selfless approach the way you and Magnum did.

Love the Steve Jobs portrait!

Jenn and Casey said...

You are a wonderful artist!!