Sunday, March 19, 2017

bangin' hot

Thank you everyone, for the comforting comments and thoughts regarding China's passing.  We miss her, of course, and are now dogless for the first time in many years.  I think the cat's been looking for her and wondering why we're not going for walks with her at  night.  The cat used to walk with us, he's kind of a weird cat that way...

Yesterday, Magnum and I went to Littleton (suburb of Denver) for Meego's winter percussion regional competition.  The group made a fine showing, finishing second out of eight in their class.  I tested my winter percussion judging ability and I managed to have a few of my picks agree with the judges, including first and second place.

Our group did a good job, but after the first place group went, I was feeling that Meego and company had been edged out.  I'm no winter percussion expert, but that first place group had a cowbell, among other things, and they knew how to use it.  And we all know the importance of More Cowbell.

On a side note, four of the winter percussionists in Meego's group went bald 4 bucks, three of them are girls.  Can  you spot 'em in my blurry photo?

It was record breaking warm yesterday, and Magnum and I decided to take advantage of the new location to hunt down some geocaches.  The camouflage on this  one didn't fool anyone - it was  hidden in an evergreen - but I appreciate the effort.

It was nice to enjoy the outdoors, but too  hot for black long sleeves.  Is it really still March?  I had to shed the long sleeves in order to not keel over from the heat.

And this morning, I went running in shorts and a tank top!  Simple pleasures.  I came upon two deer, who eyed me suspiciously but were not alarmed enough to run either into the road or into me, thank goodness.

So I'm ready for spring and glad we had China for the winter, her favorite season.  We'll get another dog eventually, but need to miss China a bit more before then.


Anita said...

Hot long black sleeves, but cute sweater!

My last kid isn't participating in anything this year that I have to attend. It just dawned on me when seeing Meego's group and hearing that you and Magnum went. Do you think he'll stick with it next year - his last year?

I think I'd like geocaching; however, my husband would be so perplexed if I asked him to do it. Actually, he wouldn't get beyond the explanation of what it is! lol

Abby said...

🙂That is currently a fave sweater, but not in 80-degrees!

I assume Meego will stick with winter percussion for his senior year. He's quite band nerdly that way.
I don't even remember who asked to go geocaching in the first place, we just landed there! Maybe your husband just has to fall in it.

Linda Hensley said...

I hope your warm weather is coming my way. Congrats to the kids for placing second. Love the Cow Bell link :) But so sorry to hear about China. Good for you for getting the home service. I think it's the kindest way to let them go. Sending you a hug!

Abby said...

I'd be happy to donate 10 or 20 degrees in your direction.
Thanks for China. In-home is the way to go in such circumstances. It's all this vet does, which seems like it would be depressing, but he's got a real calling for it.

ShadowRun300 said...

Our highs have been in the upper 80s these past few days. I'm loving it! Then again, I don't have on a black long sleeve sweater.
I have yet to run outside here in Joplin. Not in the best neighborhood for that. Too much traffic. But I'm tiring of the treadmill fast. How's your running coming along? Feeling any better?
I've seen that cowbell clip before and it cracks me up every time! :)

Abby said...

You have the heat wave too, eh? There must be SOMEplace good to run out there in Joplin and ditch the treadmill! I'm happy with my progress so far - a little less clumsy with not too much whining from the foot (knock on wood).
I could watch Christopher Walken say anything, including, "I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!"