Sunday, January 1, 2017


Can we talk?

Happy New Year!  Feels good, doesn't it?  Out with the old, in with the new?  Maybe?

Our New Year's eve was pretty mellow. Just hung around the house.  Chaco swung by for a while, and we played some board games.  Then he took  Meego to a friend's bash around midnight.

No midnight mile for us this year, due to... lack of interest?

I've been pretty much off the running since sometime in October.  Remember those allergy problems that had me all off balance?  Remember?  I do.

Anyways, the mock drunkeness made me walk funny for about a month which in turn landed me up with an annoying case of plantar fasciitis.  I'm sober now, but my foot is still whining.

On Friday, I went to see a therapist for it.  I was contemplating, and Magnum says, "I know a guy!"

This place  "...provides the best in chiropractic care techniques, Active Release Techniques® soft tissue treatment, and supplementary modalities..."    They had one of their doctors go to Magnum's work site once a week, and Magnum used him when he had some back troubles.  Cleared him right up, so I thought, what the hell.

The practice is actually quite close to where we live, I could easily walk there and back if I didn't need them.  Ironically.

The good doctor messed a bit with my foot and gave me some exercises to do.  She's confident she can kill it in about 4 sessions, so I'm cautiously optimistic.  It's not all bad.  It's just my right foot, and it's actually pretty good for about 3 miles before the gimpfest begins.  But they're like 3 Grandma miles.

So anyway, that and Meego getting over a cough and general laziness kept us inside at the witching hour.  I think the neighbors had a party as several cars were parked out front.  A van drove up late and parked horribly in front of our house.  It's still there.

Today was mildly productive.  I got out for some errands, and it's good to see people out rather than absent while nursing raging hangovers.  Wolfgang came by for a haircut after the gym.  He said the gym was nearly empty, but wait 'til tomorrow!

And I drew this old payphone... upon typing that, I realize there are probably no "new" payphones... for Illustration Friday where this week's prompt is "Talk".  Call someone who cares?

Happy 2017!



Marcy said...

I like your illustration of the old payphone--it looks warm and inviting. I guess I miss them, but I never seemed to have a quarter when I needed one anyway. Good luck with the physical therapy on your foot :) . We made a paella on New Year's Eve, which we do many years, and both boys were home with us hanging out. Good times.

Abby said...

Strangely, I kind of miss seeing payphones too. "good old days".
I bet your paella was good!

ShadowRun300 said...

Sorry to hear about your foot aches. I've dealt with plantar fasciitis in the past and know how painful it is. I managed to clear it up on my own by stretching and rolling a golf ball under my foot, but it took a while. Hope your doc can get you fixed sooner.
I made it home from the hotel just in time to see the Fleur de Lis drop in New Orleans. Then I went to bed. Good times. :)

Abby said...

I had PF once before, like 12 years ago. I don't even remember how I got rid of it, probably stretching. And I learned how to prevent it "forever" - until my drunken September...

Anonymous said...

First let me say that your sketch of the payphone is very well done, gets a thumbs up. I happen to save old collectables and several of them are old phones. One of them is a old three coin slot payphone, that accepts nickels, dimes and quarters. I also have a few older phones that have bake lite housings and cloth covered cords, from the early 20's and 30's. They now hang or sit in various places around the property. I have been considering photographing them and selling them on Ebay. . . but they will have to wait their turn. Hope your foot feels better. Dave

Abby said...

Thanks, Anonymous Dave. I remember the old payphones that even accepted nickels! I can't remember now the last time I saw an actual payphone.