Monday, January 16, 2017


Outside looks like the setting of The Thing.  Grey/white and blustery.  Not inviting at all.  But after last week's wind, I'll take it.

I plan to venture out to the gym in a little while.  I haven't been there since the start of the New Year and am hoping the horde of resolutionists has decreased to a small herd. We shall see.  My lame foot has been a limiting factor, but I'm optimistic that it's on the mend.

I saw the... foot fixer doctor... for a third time last week.  Technically, she's a Chiropractor, and also does this particular therapy that is helping my nagging case of plantar fasciitis.  She introduced me to this torture device that uses ultrasonic waves to shake things up, similar to the way kidney stones are broken into little bits.

It was rather uncomfortable, but I think it did positively shake things up in there.  No pain, no gain, right?

Now that I'm finished with school, I'm catching up on such things.  I went in for a dental checkup last week too - after a five-and-a-half year hiatus.  At least Magnum is good about going on a regular basis, so they had a vague idea of who I was.

Also, now that I'm finished with school, I'm pondering next steps.  We are seriously talking about moving once Meego graduates high school, so I don't want to take on some new position only to hit the road in a couple of years.  In the meantime, I'm keeping one eye open for opportunities that could be characterized as (1) telecommute friendly and/or (2) dream job.  Seen any?

(1) or (2) has yet to materialize.  I did take on a new tutee, so I'm not a total freeloader at the moment, but I am looking to move on from tutorhood soon.  And I've been busying myself with neglected projects around the house.

I finally painted Meego's bedroom, a muchly needed activity.  It took me a while since I had to clear out a bunch of clutter that has accumulated in there since we've lived here - various "action figures", posters, sports ribbons and plaques from high school and middle school, other miscellaneous awards and paraphernalia...

All three boys lived in there somehow for years, now it's just Meego.  The actual painting of the walls was quite easy.  Getting to them was major!

In other advancement news, Chaco turned 23 last week.  He was here for a while yesterday.  I acknowledged that I have no memory of MY 23rd birthday.  Once you turn 21, they're all kinda the same.


  1. I know all about that torture device used by clever chiropractors. Mine wasn't on my foot though, it was on my shoulder.

    Was the resolutionist crowd gone yet?

    1. She did warn me that it wouldn't feel very good on the foot. She ran it over my calf, too, and that actually felt kinda good. I'm thinking it would be really annoying on a shoulder.

      The resolutionists were there in abundance! Luckily, it's a big place.

  2. Are you guys moving to Florida too? Last one there is a rotten egg!
    I can see how that device would totally work on your nagging foot. When my PF was at its worst, I used to roll my foot on a golf ball. It hurt so bad, but felt so good!
    Hope things went well for you at the gym. I saw one day of resolutionists at my gym. Haven't seen 'em since.

    1. The gym was noticeably more crowded, it won't last.
      I have some tennis ball exercises from the doc, and also some for a lacrosse ball. How did we end up with a lacrosse ball?? I'd prefer a golf ball for it's size. Throw one to me?

  3. I should be painting and decorating too, but as we say in the UK, I can't be arsed. :D

    And happy Birthday to Chaco. Yeah once you get passed 21, all the additional years are a blur. :D

    1. "can't be arsed" - you Brits can sure cut a phrase!

  4. Now that I'm in my 30s I forget how old I am all the time. I'll tell someone I'm 31 and I'm actually 32.

    And happy birthday Chaco! Oh to be 23 again.

    1. I don't think about my age either. Last I remember, I was 21...