Monday, January 30, 2017

expanding horizons

Today, I plan to paint our ugly kitchen.  I'm just sitting here reading some blogs, sipping coffee, and waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

Since I'm finished with school and "irregularly employed", I'm wanting to make the most of this downtime with a bit of DIY and general environmental improvement around the house.

I finally got around to seeing Rogue One over the weekend.  Meego, Magnum, and I saw it on Saturday.  Just when I thought I'd outgrown the whole Star Wars franchise, I really liked Rogue One.  And [hopefully it's not much of a spoiler to mention...] the appearance of Princess Leia at the end felt all the more poignant since Carrie Fisher's recent passing.  I honestly could've done without The Force Awakens.

I've been contemplating a little getaway.  Remember when the family all left  me here, home alone, while they traipsed around California?  And all I got was this NASA t-shirt?  (okay, I do appreciate the t-shirt.  I pretend I'm Sally Ride...)

Anyway, I have a leftover airline ticket.  It's not a whole lot of credit, but there it sits.  And, what to do with it?

  • Drag Meego off somewhere fun for his spring break?
  • Drag Meego off somewhere less fun, but check out a prospective college or two?
  • Drag myself somewhere fun?
  • Get someone to come somewhere fun with me?
  • Let the credit expire, and just eat it?

These are just some ideas I'm pondering.  I've been checking airfares for places I/we would like to go and we'd be spending an appreciable amount in order to use my "free" miles.

At the same time, I'm already getting a bit sick of winter, and would love even a little escape.

I suppose I'll think of something.  This isn't rocket science.


LL Cool Joe said...

Definitely go on a trip, I'm a great fan of escaping winter!

The t-shirt suits you. And good luck with the decorating. That's what I'm meant to be doing too.

Morgan Cartwright said...

I love the NASA shirt!

I have airline credit too that expires in April. I'm trying to figure out a quick weekend getaway. Even if it's just by myself. Which will be weird, but adventurous.

Morgan Cartwright said...

Also, totally enjoyed Rogue One, especially the end.

Abby said...

I have a feeling if I let the ticket expire, I'll regret it. I'm leaning toward a trip anywhere warm and sunny!

Abby said...

"Weird but adventurous", similar to my thoughts. But doesn't necessarily sound so bad! Mine expires in August, but I want to use it soon, during crap weather season.

The guys wanted to see Rogue One, and I sorta just tagged along. Glad I did!

ShadowRun300 said...

We saw Rogue One on Christmas Day. I fell asleep a couple of times, but that's not representative of what I thought of the movie. I enjoyed it. Especially the Princess Leia part.
My vote is for some place warm - by yourself. (Just thinking about that makes me jealous. Never mind the "by yourself" part. Take me with you.)

Kimberly said...

I adored Rogue One, more than the Force Awakens. I really did. The story line was just -- BAM. I fell asleep during the Force Awakens.
Now for the vacation - first off, you're adorable in that shirt which means only one thing. You must travel in it. Go. Do. See. I truly think that you need to take that shirt on an adventure and it doesn't have to be anywhere fancy. You have the ticket. Close your eyes and just *BOOP* where ever your finger lands on a map, that's where you're off too. Unless it lands in the middle of the ocean, don't go there.
My doctor says that I need a holiday too. I'm thinking of doing a day trip by myself somewhere close. My son was diagnosed with severe OCD so I can't go very far. I've become an integral part of his rituals so if I left, he'd fall apart. So a day trip for me would be just plenty to recharge. I'm thinking of it.
IF you do decide, let us know!!!!

Abby said...

Truthfully, I took a little snooze at the beginning of R1, but then things picked up...
Warm - by myself or not - is sounding really good right now!

Abby said...

I'm leaning towards GO. Somewhere! I'll wear the shirt - just the idea of short sleeves is enticing.
I hope you get your day trip!

Tee said...

So how did the kitchen turn out? What color did you paint? Mine is in need of paint as well. It's on the "one of these days" list.

I vote you use those miles to go somewhere warm ... or anywhere that's not "here." Sometimes you just need to get away from the same four walls, so to speak. (I'm heading to Mexico in just under two weeks... want to join me?)

Linda Hensley said...

Is it possible to check out a college somewhere fun? Live a little, use the ticket :)

Abby said...

For the kitchen, I actually combined the leftover paint from two other "one of these days" projects. It's sort of a "creamy blue". I'm still deciding if I like it, but at least it's better than the "old phlegm" that our kitchen used to be.

YES to Mexico! Si, Viva!

Abby said...

There are colleges in warm sunny places, right? It's not a visitor requirement to actually have a desire to attend, right?

Anita said...

The husband and I made a rare movie appearance. I let him decide. I know the Starwars flick was his first choice, but he chose La La Land; probably thinking that I wanted to see it. Ha! He said it was "entertaining." In his mind, he was saying, damn, should've chosen Rogue One. La La Land - I gave in to it after a reluctant first 15 minutes and ended with a thumbs up.

Hmmm... where to go? Don't think too much. Throw a dart at the map - the sunny, affordable, no-war zone areas, and see where you land. Peel yourself away from motherhood, and go! But if you must, take the kid.

Abby said...

La La Land sounds good. I doubt it's on anyone's list in my household, though...
Thanks for the trip advice. I've yet to decide.