Sunday, October 16, 2016

marching bands, a full bladder, and backyard drama

It feels like summer around here.  Really, it's been unseasonably hot for the last few days, but I'm not complaining as long as my allergies don't come back.

Yesterday, we took in a marching band competition.  Meego and company did a nice job, taking 2nd place in their class and 3rd overall.  See Meego?  He's the one in blue with the hat...

Marching band is quite different from "back in my day".  Back then, it was more about sound, precision, and regiment.  Nowadays, there are more theatrics involved, more storytelling.  It's okay, but I think some bands go overboard.  Spare me the drama and just play some nice tunes with some nice formations and choreographed flagwork.  I think our band strikes a  nice balance between the music and marching quality and the drama.  But maybe I'm biased.

Afterwards, Magnum and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go play in the woods and rocks.

Last week, when I was hiking with Chaco, I realized the advantage of wearing a hydration pack instead of carrying water in bottles.  My bicycling bag - prominently featured in the last post - accommodates a hydration bladder but didn't come with one, and I never felt a need to get one.  Until last weekend.

So I got one and took it for a "field test" even though we were just going on a short easy hike.  The company I bought it from keeps pestering me to write a review, and I'm all, "GEESH, let me use it first!"  Anyway, so far so good.  It doesn't leak, was very comfortable, and I have now seen the light.

As mentioned, it was quite warm out and didn't feel at all like mid-October.  There were others taking advantage of the park, too.  Nice to see families and kids out.  One little girl, who looked like she'd just learned to walk last week or so, was stumbling along in a cute pair of moccasins with (I think) her dad.  I dubbed her Pocahontas.  This particular park is known for rattlesnakes, hope she survived!

We also managed to log another geocache.  As we were snooping the area and consulting our GPS, a couple walked by and asked if we were lost.  

"Nope, just geocaching", although it is possible to be lost and geocaching at the same time...

And not to be outdone, the cat wants me to remind everyone that he's still badass of the outdoors.  I came upon this unfolding story in the back yard.  A bird was telling me all about his awesome camouflage, when...

Not to worry, however.  There was a happy ending.  Napolion just snuck up and whispered,

"*psssst, Abby... Take my picture like this*"

It was all for show.  Let the bird think he's something.  



  1. I clicked on the first photo to see which one was Meego in his hat. Sigh, I'm so gullible.

    I wish it was still short weather here in the UK! Mind you, it rarely is even in July.

    1. Ha! Made you look.
      And I guess the UK weather is why you have a house in AZ?

  2. I picked Meego out instantly, even though I've never met him. He wore his cap at a nice tilt, with attitude.

  3. The marching band... not all schools here have one. Usually reserved for boarding schools or higher learnings. When I was in secondary, my school had marching bands.
    I was soooo jealous because I couldnt play an instrument.
    I think I should go out more often.

    1. The marching bands seem smaller nowadays. Meego's band is the same size as mine was in HS, but his school is four times as large. Probably from funding cuts to public schools.
      And yes, you need to go out more often... says the one who posts photos of her cat...

  4. I'm going next week to watch my final marching band performance ever. And I'm a little sad about it! How can Mario be a senior already?! I wish our weather was going to be as nice as yours was. I'll be bundled up and wishing there was a bonfire.
    Oh, and did you know there was a geocaching event in St. Louis? A whole group of geocachers stayed at my hotel this weekend along with a whole group of rock 'n roll marathoners. Would have been the perfect weekend for you to come visit. You coulda brought your hydration pack! Maybe next time....

    1. I get emails from the geocaching crowd about these events, but rarely read them as I figure we can't really attend anyway :( I'm curious as to what they're like, and apparently they've got good taste in hotels. Woulda been fun!
      Wow, final marching band performance ever. That sounds so... final.