Saturday, August 13, 2016


It's a Pikachu in a floating origami boat.  Obviously.

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is "origami", and I just happened to come across a photo of a Pikachu in a floating origami boat as I was searching for inspiration.

I was thinking specifically of origami boats because that's really the only origami thing I know how to make.  Unless paper airplanes count... do they?

My mom taught me to make origami boats many years ago, and I remember how amazed I was when she just folded a piece of paper a few times.  Then it was a hat, then she unfolded it and *POOF* it was a boat!

However, I can't explain Pikachu. But he makes for a cute boat-mouse-thing, and I'm trying to connect to my whimsical side, so there we go.

Meego downloaded the much anticipated PC game, "No Man's Sky" yesterday.  I'm not a gamer, but I've got them in the family, so I learn about these things from the fringes.  I watched a bit over his shoulder as he explained a few things to me, and I found the game is quite visually stunning.  It makes me think how far we've come.  Can Pong even be considered a video game anymore?

I hear game developers are getting away from "realistic" graphics and moving more toward "unique" imagery because games have gotten so realistic looking that there's not much further to go.  So I like the look of No Man's Sky, and that's the only part of it I can review because I know nothing.

In the meantime, I'll stick to drawing Pikachus in boats in my little sketchbook.



ShadowRun300 said...

Your Pikachu is so darn cute! Our house person at the hotel came to work all excited because he had caught a Pikachu. I wonder if it was floating in a paper boat?
I'll have to ask my gamers if they know about No Man's Sky. I can't remember the names of the games they like to play. But I do know that Amp is impressed with the scenery of the new Zelda I think it is???? And if he's impressed, it's likely pretty good. Yep, we've come a long way since Pong.

Tee said...

I remember Pong. And how excited we all were when Atari came out with Pac Man. Games were so much more innocent then, especially compared to what's available today.

agg79 said...

Pong? What about Space Invaders or Pac Man? Those were classics. Even a "few" years ago when my son was knee-deep in Sonic and Zelda, those were considered significant advancements. Now, the games have such clarity and detail, it boggles the senses. If this is where technology and programmers have taken us today, what's next?

Cute Pikachu. Has your crew jumped onto the Pokemon GO! train yet?

LL Cool Joe said...

My older daughter would love that drawing, she just bought a really expensive Pikachu black and white print for her uni bedroom.

Sparkling Red said...

Aw, your Pikachu is adorable!
Most of my friends are playing PokemonGo, but although I enjoy some of the characters, it's just not a game for me. I'm not as well-versed in video gaming culture as I used to be. 20 years ago I would have been hearing about "No Man's Sky" for weeks before it came out, and my boyfriend would be lining up for hours at Gamerama to buy one of the first copies. Now I have no idea what's going on!

lotta joy said...

Pong. Atari. And now people with their faces in their phones walking in front of traffic. Do younger people even know how to write? All homework is done on a keyboard. I'm too old for this.

Linda Hensley said...

I'm feeling a lot like Lotta Joy, too old for this stuff. I can amuse myself with a deck of cards playing solitaire, though I remember enjoying video arcades when I was young. Cute Pikachu :)