Sunday, January 17, 2016

tidiness and blurry vision

I spent much of this week tidying and organizing and not winning the lottery.  It's been helpful that there's a lot of sloppy snow and ice around, so I was a bit stranded anyway.  Of course, once I'd get one area tidied up, it only served to highlight how cluttered other parts were, but it's coming along.

Also, Chaco turned 22 this week.  He's been busy with a "winterim" class, so we're planning to get together later today for a little hoopla, nothing major.

As Chaco says, "After 21, birthdays aren't such a big deal".  I don't have any memory of my own 22nd birthday.

Chaco in the tent on Christmas Eve ----->
Looks like some sort of survival inquisition.

Speaking of aging, my 91-year-old dad fell and cut his head this week.  He lives in a nursing home, and was tended to in a timely fashion.  He's got a ton of stitches on his forehead, though.

I really do wish he lived closer to us, and I was about to, again, encourage him to move.  But as I talked to him, he reiterated how much he appreciates his caregivers and living in our slow little hometown, all things considered.

So I'm glad he's feeling okay.  I asked if they'd given him painkillers for his head wound, and he said "No, it doesn't even hurt", and I'm thinking they probably gave him something without mentioning it.

Also this week, I took Meego to the eye doctor.  He was overdue.  Of course, he doesn't tell me he's overdue, I'm just left to figure it out.   Like when we're at a fast food place and he doesn't know what to order because he can't see the menu in back of the counter.

So I ask him, "Do you wear your glasses in school?"

"No, they're too small".  News to ME.

So I took him into this new practice that Magnum found after our vision insurance changed.  It's a nice place, and I waited as Meego was put through the paces.  He later emerged with the new eye doctor - a rather small, fit looking man.  He handed me the paperwork to take to the optician, and I noticed the doctor's name looked familiar in an uncommon-name-that-I've-seen-somewhere kind of way.

It was familiar because it's the same last name of a local female runner who wins a lot of races.  And it was also familiar because I remember running in a local 10K race a couple of years ago where two other runners - one man, one woman - and I spent the last couple miles vying for position in our own little mini race of the old folks.

We ended up with the man crossing first, with me behind, and the other woman close after me.  Afterward, we all thanked each other for a fun finish to the race and that was that.  I learned that the man was the father of that young woman who takes overall wins almost all the time.

And it was him - the eye doctor - I realized after the appointment.  I felt he was kinda looking at me like, "Do I know you??" as he was talking to me about Meego's exam

This photo is from the race gallery from a stretch where I was leading the good doctor, with some fun loving 5k'ers in the background.  I was having to frequently push my glasses up the bridge of my nose.  His shades are probably super custom fit!

Anyway, since we kind of bonded during that race, Dr. G is giving Meego free eyecare.
No he's not, but it would've been a fun twist to the digressive story.



Sparkling Red said...

Oh dear; it's hard worrying about aging parents. At least your dad is already in an environment where he'll be looked after. It's the stubbornly independent oldies that get themselves into the most dangerous situations.

Abby said...

It is tricky, and I don't have a strong argument for my dad to move, other than it would be easy for me to visit him daily. Although he's physically diminished, his mind is still very sharp and I don't want to treat him like a child.

ShadowRun300 said...

So sorry to hear about your dad. Glad he was able to get quick medical attention and that he's feeling no pain.
Happy Birthday to Chaco! Now that you mention it, I don't remember my 22nd birthday either.
And what a fun story about Meego's eye doc. If only he figured out who you were. I'm sure he would have offered free eyewear. Ok, maybe not. But you're right, it would have been a fun twist.
Are you back to school yet?

Tee said...

Your poor dad. But it sounds like he's kind of a tough cookie, and even if he had any pain, he's not gonna admit it to you! It must give you some peace of mind to know he's content and feels safe where he is.

Happy Birthday to Chaco! And happy new glasses to Meego!

Abby said...

My dad sounded quite good when I talked to him, but I'm sure his forehead is gruesome.
I have a feeling that Eye Doctor runs a lot of races, so it probably wouldn't be profitable for him to offer free eyewear to opponents. But still...

Abby said...

I think, and hope, my dad is honest when he gives me his "status updates", but he is a pretty tough cookie. He does seem to have nice relationships with his CNAs, and they look out for him.

Abby said...

Oh and... back to school today!

agg79 said...

Sorry about your dad. Glad to hear it wasn't serious and he is doing ok. We have enough worries already without any additional family dramas. Your dad sounds like one tough old bird.

Small world. The same guy you pound the trail with turns out to your new eye guy. I bet he has some really cool shades for his runs. Maybe that's what gives him the edge. You should get some new shades from him that won't ride low.

Abby said...

My dad seems to have acquired the knack of just going with the flow, even if "the flow" is blood gushing from his head.

Ms. CrankyPants said...

Yeah...aging parents. It's not easy.

BUT! On the bright side, I LOL'd at the "free eyecare" comment :)

Abby said...

Hey, it could happen! (said that when we bought the powerball ticket too)

Ramzu Zahini said...

.... Now you made me wanna check my eyesight. I know i needed a new pair of glasses, and maybe that bifocals too!
Age is no fun