Sunday, January 31, 2016

fresh air, sunshine, and meat

There's a predicted big storm headed our way.  It's just teasing now with pretty fluffy snow outside. The ugly mean snow is expected to arrive later on and the meanness will last until mid-week.  So, in preparation, we went out yesterday and stocked up.

Not on food and other provisions, which might have been the more practical thing, but we stocked up on fun outdoor time.  After managing to rouse the teenager, we headed for the hills.

If lost in the wilderness, it can be helpful to have fuschia shoes

Despite the weather forecast doom, yesterday was a warm day for January.  The trails were quite muddy slushy snowy, but manageable.

And it was nice to see quite a few others of all ages out enjoying the area as well.  But not so many as to not give a sense of being in the boonies.

We were at Spruce Mountain Open Space, which I highly recommend.  It's easy to get to and has great views.

Sacrificing safety for the all important photo
(disclaimer:  Meego made me do it)

We even managed to log a geocache during our indulgent adventure.  The clue said it was "in plain sight".

Well, I guess it would be in plain sight if you live inside the old dead tree stump.
Thus satisfied, I can now accept my outdoor time being spent with a snow shovel.  For a while.

Speaking of outdoors and provisions, our neighbor apparently went out, hunted down, killed, and processed an antelope.  This because he gave us a couple of pounds of freshly processed antelope meat.

I've never eaten antelope and just keep picturing this------->

which is why I'm not much of a meat eater and would really suck as a hunter.  But since the deed is done, I'm thinking I'll slow cook it into a stew and let the carnivores have at it.

The neighbor is a nice guy, and now I see that he could also come in handy for the apocalypse.  

So as I'm probably settling into a few days of cabin fever spent with cooking dead animal, I'm plotting a course to help me through... other than just hoping for a good outcome from that groundhog on Tuesday.

Feel free to take pity on me with updates on your blogs for me to read.  My note to self to "don't look down" only carries me so far.



LL Cool Joe said...

That second photo is amazing!

I can't say I'd be overjoyed to receive a lump of dead antelope, but maybe if I got snowed in for days with no food I'd be delighted to eat any kind of meat, even a pet cat.

Larz said...

Great photos. I also spent the day stocking up on outdoor time. And I love some antelope.

Sparkling Red said...

Good luck with the snowstorm! I can see why you enjoy spending time outdoors where you live. It's gorgeous!

Abby said...

With our cat, it would probably become a choice of "eat or be eaten".

Marcy said...

Good luck with the storm! You were right to get your dose of those beautiful views while you can. Yikes on that cliffside pic! I'd be a mess if I were near the edge.

Abby said...

Smart call! The day was very rejuvenating, and I'm glad we did it because today is crappy. And thanks for the antelope endorsement.

Abby said...

Sometimes I forget to enjoy our surroundings. The hike was Magnum's idea. Thank goodness someone around here thinks of these things!

Abby said...

Meego handed me his phone and asked me to take a photo, then he went and sat for it. Later, when I saw the photo, I was all, "Who's his mother?!"

Tee said...

I don't think one of my kids could make me take a picture such as the one you got of Meego. (For one thing, the "I'm cold, you should put a sweater on" rule would also apply to my fear of heights. "I'm freaked out, therefore, you may not go near the edge.")

All that being said, it IS an amazing picture, and it's a good thing the whole world doesn't operate by my standards, else what a boring place this would be!

We've just enjoyed a weekend of 40 degree temps and lots of melting, so it's hard for me to envision more snow. I know we're not in the clear yet, but I don't think there's anything in our forecast like what you're looking forward to.

I'm anxious to hear how the antelope dinner turns out. In spite of the fact that I live with a bunch of hunters, I'm not so keen on wild game myself.

Lori said...

I'd make a terrible hunter. But at least the meat will give you something to do during the snow-in. Glad you got some outdoor time in - it looks beautiful.

Anita said...

Are the pictures of you and Meego as precarious as they look?! I'm with Tee!

Some friends from way back once visited us (VA) from CT. They told us they were going to the state park to look for some clues or something. It seemed strange back then,but now seems kinda cool. Back then I didn't know it was geocaching.

Enjoy your 'lope! ugh... I mean, Yum! And hold the snow there awhile. My yard still has snow and today it was close to 60 degrees!

ShadowRun300 said...

I need me some Colorado!
My hubby would FREAK OUT, if he saw Meego. He's not one for heights or ledges. But what an awesome view! Yup, I'm ready for a Colorado fix.
I'll pass on the antelope. I like chicken. The kind you get from the store. Where I can pretend no animals were hurt in the making. :)

Abby said...

I used to get more freaked out, but I guess by the third freaker-outer, I've built up a resistance.

Abby said...

I can't even bring myself the kill my evil aquarium fish. And they ARE evil.

Abby said...

I think the photos look worse than the reality, but maybe my brain was low on oxygen at the time? We discovered geocaching about a year ago. Those things are EVERYwhere!

Abby said...

No, your hubby would not like Spruce Mountain.
I'm okay with chicken. And fish. Anything with fur, though... hmmm.

agg79 said...

Nice break in the wintery weather. I don't blame you for taking advantage of the outdoors while it lasts. The Spruce Mountain trail looks pretty nice.

Pretty courageous of Meego on his ledge shot. But, then again, we all a little bit crazy/daring in our younger days (Hey Bubba, watch this!). Awesome view. I still need to start out on geocaching.

Good neighbor to have when the zombie apocalypse happens. As a meat eater, I've had antelope. It's a bit different than your average steak.