Friday, April 17, 2015

it's like Christmas!

... but not in that nice cheery way.  We finally got our April snow.

My to-do list includes taking China for her summer shearing.  She looks at  me with pleading eyes and panting tongue, "I'm frying in here, Abby!  Time to chuck the fur coat already!".  But I'm all, "Nope, not yet!"

I also need to take the big van in to replace the snow tires with the non-snow tires.  Nope, not yet.

Because EVERY April since we've lived here, we've gotten all YAY, spring!  And then we get hit with a wet winter snowstorm.  Like this one.  Here's the backyard today:

Meego got to sleep in, thanks to a delayed start to school.  Note the wall of wall stones that aren't quite in the configuration we have in mind just yet.  It'll be here soon, I know it!

And maybe NOW we can put winter behind us.  We just had to make it over that April snow requirement?  We're done??

One nice thing, I was out doing the bicycle commute biz yesterday.  The storm gave me a chance to test out my new lobster claw gloves/mittens I recently got at end-of-winter clearance.

They worked marvelously!  No more frozen fingers!  Plus, there was this annoying precipitation thing going on.  You know that stuff that isn't snow, but isn't rain, but isn't sleet, but is little pellets?  Not hail, but kind of like hail fetuses?

It was doing that.  My hands never felt better!  Can't say the same for my cheeks, though...

Not my shirt, not my chest

In the end, although I wasn't too happy to need the winter gear, I was happy I had it.

But now I'm ready to get back to t-shirt weather.



ShadowRun300 said...

Ha! Funny shirt. :)
It's almost 80 degrees here today. I can't believe you got snow! But I'm glad it's over with, and you can finally move on to spring.
Love the lobster claw gloves though! I could totally use those - even though I don't bike anymore. My fingers are always the first to freeze no matter what activity I'm doing.

Larz said...

That small snow stuff that looks like styrofoam balls is called graupel. My mom calls it popcorn snow.

Hooray Colorado!

terri said...

Those of us who live in places of changing seasons know not to get too comfortable with spring too quickly. Sorry to hear (and see) that you got a measurable snowfall though! No matter how much you expect it, it's hard to take once you've been able to break out the t-shirts.

We've had seventy degree temps here all week ... but the weather people mentioned possible snow for next week. I doubt it will be anything significant or that it will hang around for long. If anything, it will serve to provide some relief from the drought conditions we're already being warned of.

Love the t-shirt! Only mildly inappropriate and definitely funny.

Abby said...

Almost 80! Hope you were able to enjoy that!
The lobster claws are great. We got some for Chaco for his birthday and I got jealous.

Abby said...

I googled graupel and bingo! That's definitely the stuff that was pelting me in the face. I knew it had to have a name (other than popcorn or hail fetuses).

Abby said...

At least we know that, this time of year, the snow's not likely to hang around for long.
I'm half tempted to buy the shirt, but am thinking I'd probably be too embarrassed to wear it anywhere!

Riot Kitty said...

Good disclaimer on the shirt! Spring will get there. Promise.

agg79 said...

To paraphrase GOT: Spring is coming. Looks like the Great Wall is slowly taking shape. I recall that wall in China too a couple of years to finish as well.

Cute shirt. I think it would proabably some interesting looks.