Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tooth Fairy gets Hitched!

I enjoy reading, and I haven't quite made the jump to reading only in digital format.  So when I'm not reading blogs, I prefer a book I can hold, with physical pages I can turn.  

So I appreciate libraries.   I appreciate that they purchase books, and store the books in an organized way, and provide repairs/replacements when the books get beat up. I can't remember the last time I actually bought a book that wasn't for work or required for a class. We  have a smallish house.  We need all the space.  I gladly let the libraries store "my" books.

I know some people who don't like the idea of library books and not knowing "where that book's been!", especially in thinking about where a lot of people do the majority of their reading...
But I don't get too bothered by that if the book is in generally good condition.  A bit of fraying around the edges or water damage, I can live with.  Food stains or other stains of unknown origin leave me a bit more wary, but those are few and far between.

Plus, sometimes there are added bonuses - little clues to the others who have read the book I'm reading.  I've come across library slips, Starbucks receipts and the like, even interesting photos.

I came across this little prize about midway through the latest novel I'm reading:

Let me first state that the book is, in fact, a book meant for grown ups!  As much as I enjoy reading, "I love you to the moon and back" out loud, this is not one of those.  I suspect that I'm reading a book that was previously enjoyed by Mrs. Tooth Fairy herself.  

Such a sweet, endearing little missive.  I particularly like the "Dear" and the "Mrs."  And the name Griffin.  

I've mentioned here before that we never did Santa or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny with our kids.  Just didn't like the thought of when the big reveal that we were liars eventually occurred.  When they would lose a tooth, we'd make big congratulatory exclamations, then just hand them the cash prize, thus eliminating the middle man - or middle fairy in this case.  

However, I do have fond memories of my own adventures in dentition.  Placing the dead tooth, carefully wrapped in Kleenex, under my pillow.  Vowing to stay awake to meet "Mrs. Tooth Fairy", only to zonk out.  

I never included a note with my gift tooth.  Now I'm thinking I should have.  Griffin, my latest role model.  Only about 45 years too late.



  1. Library books (that I've begun to use whenever I can nowadays as opposed to buying), doorknobs, restaurant dishware and flatware... all the same. We really don't know what kind of germs are lurking. However, "seeing it" on a book... I get it. I spilled tea on one that I borrowed, but made sure that I told the librarian what it was and offered to pay for it.

    I've yet to find anything really fun, like pictures of the twins, in a library book; just disrespectful underlines and notes.

    1. The photos were a fun find. This note was too. I'm thinking I'll leave a little note for the next person.
      Ugh, so rude to mark up a library book! Who are those people?!
      I spilled tea on a library book once too. Then I bought it :(

  2. Awww... you find such sweet things in your library books. I tend to find Cheetos prints. Can't complain though, since I eat while reading....
    I've saved many of our kids' notes to Santa and the like. This makes me want to dig 'em out of the box and read through them again.

    1. Funny, I was just going through some old books and things (spring cleaning!) and found some of the kids' with their little side notes and stuff *sniff*

  3. It's funny that you wrote about this. I just dug some books out of a storage box and found one I didn't remember having. Turns out it was a gift from an online friend (former blogger.) I found in it her note to me, dated 2007. I've never read the book. It was a little too religious for me at the time, but I'm exploring some spiritual stuff now and decided to finally read it. So I guess I wasn't a lost cause to her after all. Anyway, she told me in the note that it was a used book she'd bought online. There are notes in the pages that are obviously from the previous owner. It got me to thinking about all the books I've passed on to others and whether I'd left any notes or anything fun inside the pages. (Although I think if I've left anything in them, it would most likely be a Target or grocery receipt!)

    As for being bothered by books that have been handled by others, I'd never given it a second thought. As Anita said, there are enough other things we touch in a day that carry the germs of others. A person could drive herself crazy thinking too much about it!

    1. I'm thinking I'm going to start leaving little notes in library books and let the universe "deliver" them.

  4. Once Guanowife heard about bedbugs in a library book, it's been Kindle ever since. Pretty sterile.....

    1. I recall the switch to Kindle! Bedbugs. What you can't see can't hurt you, right?