Sunday, March 29, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

Our final week of March is going out like a lamb!  I don't specifically remember the first week, but I do remember a couple of total crap weeks back there that had me seriously contemplating breaking the bank for some plane tickets outta here for spring break.

Gladly, that wasn't necessary as we enjoyed a nice stay-cation in our transformed climate.  I got in some solo bike riding, some family bike riding with Magnum and Meego, some glimpses of Chaco and Wolfgang, a reunion with my childhood buddy, and even managed to put in some tuting time and some spring cleaning to help me feel like a responsible adult.

It was great to reminisce with Daniel, at GeJo's, no less.  GeJo's is named after the original owners' kids, Gene and Joe.  Now, Joe runs the GeJo's in Denver, and he was there on Thursday and came out to chat with us.  He's 60 years old now, and it was fun sitting there and being all "hometown" with those guys.  The pizza is just as we remembered - fluffy bubbly crust with amazing sauce.  Daniel's and my only regret is that we forgot to take pics!  Maybe we subconsciously "forgot" on purpose so we'd have to meet there again soon.  He wants photos of us by the GeJo's sign.  Daniel is happily (and legally!) married with 4 pooch children.

One day this week, for something to do, we decided to go down to Pueblo, which is about an hour's drive south of here.  Pueblo is considered an armpit of Colorado by some - not as big and flashy as Denver, or clean and aesthetic as Colorado Springs.  Steel mill smoke, poverty, and high heat come to mind when thinking about Pueblo, but really, it has some good things going for it.  So we declared Friday as "Pueblo Appreciation Day" and went on down.  They have a nice little zoo, and it was a beautiful day out, so we bummed around there for a couple of hours.

It was a great day for it, with lots of other visitors similarly enjoying.  It's been several years since we'd been there, and it's expanded nicely since that last time.  

Meego's percussion competition yesterday was another nice addition to the week.  Then to round it out, I spent some quality time with Wolfgang earlier today.  He'd told me he needed shoes, jeans, and a haircut, so we took care of his bottom-to-top "makeover".  

So a nice break week, and now I'm ready to get back to work.  Yay spring!



LL Cool Joe said...

Damn I wish it was t-shirt and shorts weather here in the UK! I think your Spring must be like our Summer. Lucky you!

ShadowRun300 said...

I think our March is going out like a lamb as well. I'm looking forward to the spring weather that awaits us.
Poor Pueblo sounds like it gets a bad rap. Way to look past all its flaws and see the beauty!
Congrats on being a responsible adult while on spring break! Seems you CAN have fun and still behave.
Have a great 1st of April week! Can you believe it?

Rock Chef said...

It is nice to find an under-dog town that is actually pretty good. We have a few of those around here. We also have a few that think they are great but are actually pretty unpleasant to visit...

Abby said...

Yeah, we are pretty lucky. :)

Abby said...

Yes, Pueblo has its blemishes, but also its bright spots! And no, they didn't pay me to say that.
Yay for April!

Abby said...

I guess towns are a lot like people! If Pueblo was a person, we'd be friends.

Ginny said...

I can't wait to wear short sleeves!

Abby said...

I don't recommend it for shoveling snow.

terri said...

That sounds like a perfectly lovely week. Seems your weather was extremely cooperative, judging by all the shorts I see in that photo!