Sunday, February 8, 2015

Silver Liningness Sunday

*POOF*, another lovely week is in the books.  It started out nicely with "us" (Magnum, really) winning the office football pool with that exciting Super Bowl.  I was actually streaming a  movie on  my tablet, but I didn't watch it much - had to finish it over a few days this week.  I know, right!  The hardships!


I was hoping that there might be some photos of some of the fun supporters and signs from the Super half marathon in the event galleries, but it was slim pickings.  At least someone snapped a pic of this sweet little volunteer.  How precious was she?!


Other than that, all I mostly found were pictures of people running.

The week progressed pretty productively with tuting and classes.  I finished up with one tutee.  He showed up for our final session on crutches.  Snowboarding mishap.  The last time a tutee showed up bandaged and injured, he ended up doing really well on his test, so I'm taking the possible torn ACL and/or possible torn MCL as a good sign.  Not that I'm superstitious.  But I kinda am...

On that note, The McRibs are noticeably improving.  My extensive medical research (3 mins on google) informed me that it takes about 4 weeks for healage.  I'm finishing up week 3 now, but who's counting?

The weather turned all spring-like on us this weekend.  70s yesterday!  Meego had a band evaluation in Denver, but Magnum and I took advantage of the sun and warmth.  Poor Bob, Magnum's bicycle, has been holed up since our last joint outing, so I lobbied for a spin.

Here's Magnum, looking all angelic behind Jean's bench while we took a break in the park.  Lots of people and pooches out enjoying the day.

And Meego's show went well.  In fact, Meego himself made quite an impression on the judges, apparently.  Unfortunately, it was because he forgot one of his amp cables in the truck and had to run to get it as the performance was starting without him.  He jumped in right in stride, so no one even noticed - not.   




Marcy said...

Temperature in the 70s? It's nice you got to enjoy that. I'll admit to feeling a little jealous, though. There's another Sunday night storm on the way for the third week in a row. I always do seem to root for a snow day, though.

Linda Hensley said...

I'm more than a little jealous. Ohio got a couple feet of snow this week, but I feel like I'm not supposed to complain because the NE got it worse. Love the old photos in your last post :)

terri said...

Congrats to Magnum on his Superbowl winnings. Mark won some $ too and was very excited about it, until I pointed out that the winnings minus the cost to get "in" wasn't all that impressive. At least he came out slightly ahead.

Nice shot of you running. I'm still impressed that you ran in spite of the McRibs.

70 degrees??? Send some of that our way please! Not that I can complain about our winter. As far as Minnesota winters go, this one hasn't been so bad.

That Meego seems to know how to get noticed!

Abby said...

Snow days = the upside to big snow. But you can have too much a good thing!

Abby said...

I almost feel guilty with how nice it's been the last couple of days. Almost.

Abby said...

Yeah, Magnum's cash winnings were HARDLY a windfall. It's mainly just a pride thing around the office, so a fun way to end the season. He doesn't even like the Patriots.

Riot Kitty said...

Running doesn't hurt the McRibs?

Abby said...

Breathing hurts the McRibs.

ShadowRun300 said...

We had 70s here too. I was even off for one of the days! So nice to get out and enjoy a taste of spring, isn't it? Even if only for a day.
Hopefully your tutee will help prove your theory that injuries make for good test scores. YOU got any tests coming up??

Abby said...

70s in February are a gift from Mother Nature. It would be offensive to not go play outside!
Darn, I don't have a test to test my theory. I'm just trying to not sneeze!

lotta joy said...

"Angelic". It's amazing what a lot of rays of sunshine can do! You did have a good day, and that's always a win.

agg79 said...

Love the water girl. That's true volunteer spirit!
And glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine and unwintery weather. 70's in Colorado in February seem a bit out of place but I'd enjoy it while it lasts. I am sure the next polar vortex will hit you soon enough. Hope that the McRibs are doing better and try not to laugh/sneeze.