Sunday, December 21, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Winter Solstice!  In the northern hemisphere, the days will start getting longer now until they aren't anymore!

We got our annual little tree yesterday.  A baby Colorado Blue Spruce.  Here she is.  Quiet, she's asleep... the garage, next to the unwanted TV that, yes *sigh* is still here.  

This was another nice week of getting caught up on a few neglected things.  Oh, Christmas is coming soon too.  PEO was fun earlier this week.  No business meeting in December, just party time. 

Despite the fact that we DID go to BestBuy on Thanksgiving, we're not big into the whole retail scene at all.  Magnum and I do get gifts for the kids, but we've never done lists or Santa or any of that, and so they're actually pretty hard to get gifts for.  If they need it, we just get it when it's needed.  If they want it, they just get it themselves or come to us ready to deal.  What's left??  It's a challenge, I tellya!

As mentioned, my pedal perks leg warmers arrived this week, earlier than I expected.  Gosh, they're nice :D.  Really, I would not likely get these for myself, but since they were on the list...

Alice and I took them for a lovely ride to put them through the paces.  It was about 40 degrees out and sunny.  My fingers and toes went a little numb, but my legs were so cozy!  Recommend!

When I got home, Chaco was here, happily finished with semester finals.  He took the pics of the legwarmers.  Not only are they comfy cozy, but I think they bring out Alice's eyes.
And so we're into the final weeks of 2014.  Thank you to all of my blog friends for another fun year of blogowship (??)!  Enjoy your holidays and all the extra sunlight coming our way!



  1. Merry Christmas Abby, We also have a couple of unwanted TV's can't seem to give them away, at least your little tree will give it some company for a short time :)

    1. BestBuy takes old TVs, so our plan is to haul ours down there... once we get it into the Element. Easier said than done!

  2. I got rid of my unwanted tv last Christmas, but I sure have a load more unwanted crap to get of in the garage.

    Nice leg warmers, I could have done with those in my biker years.

    Happy Christmas Abby, I hope you and your family have a great time! I'm hoping to crank out another post before Christmas day.

    1. One of my "bucket list" things to do is get rid of crap over the break. I was rummaging around and found a second TV!

  3. I told Amp about your tradition with Christmas trees. It's such a great idea, so I put the idea into his head. He'd be one to appreciate it.
    Have a great Christmas, and please wish the rest of the AbbyNormals the same. And thank YOU for your dedicated blogoship. Always fun visiting here! :)

  4. Merry Xmas. And Thank YOU for keeping us posted on your adventures up there in CO. We love to follow the saga of the Abby clan (way better than Duck Dynasty). Stay warm.

    Nice leggings. They definitely compliment Alice's eyes.

  5. We have similar challenges with the kids at Christmas time, especially now that they are adults. We tend to get them things they either can't justify spending their (sometimes limited) funds on, or thins they hate having to spend their own money on.