Sunday, September 14, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

(Blogger always tells me that "liningness" isn't a word.  See if I care.)

Mid-September is upon us.  This is a big test weekend for a few tutees.  With that, my schedule opens up a bit now, so that's a nice thing.  It's now on to the next test in October, then things should quiet down nicely.  I'm ready for a break and have been doing well in saying "no" in nice ways.

Both Chaco and Wolfgang graced us with their presences this week, stopping by for haircuts (and dinner... and money...), so that's always nice.  Chaco is continuing to work a little this semester, so he's not as broke as in semesters past.  Still, I don't want to see him become frivolous.  He left a dre$$ shirt with a colleague over the summer, and probably won't see it again.  He says, "Ah, I've got money, I'll just get another one".  Yeah, okay, whatever.  But I bought that first one!

Ah well, speaking of new stuff, Meego is in the process of getting a new-to-him computer.  It's Wolfgang's ex, and it's slowly coming together.

Meet "Potato"

Up until now, Meego has always just used an old cast-off laptop for school work, so he's quite happy at the prospect of having a new-to-him desktop.  Can you see the window into Potato's soul?  

Hopefully Meego and Potato will have a long and productive friendship.  Potato was replaced by "Hot Fudge", Wolfgang's ridiculously large and imposing new desktop.  I don't have a  photo of Hot Fudge as it's gone back to the dorm, but it also has a window to the soul that is rather intimidating.

Speaking of school, I'd say we've all settled into a nice routine now.  Summer frolicking is nice, but I like routine for the most part. On that note, my right hand is nearly back to normal, and the bees have thankfully left me alone.

I'd say something about that just being the bees knees, but nah...


terri said...

Humph... so I just left a huge comment here and it seems to have disappeared into oblivion. Suffice it to say I found humor in your boys' habit of naming computers after food.

Abby said...

First, Blogger doesn't like my made up words, then it's kicking out comments?? I'll have to speak to management.

I really don't know where the computer naming originated or how this one came to be Potato. I was here when Hot Fudge was christened, and that was truly inspired.

Riot Kitty said...

I love your nicknames for things and people. Although guano is bat shit, did you know that? (For reals!)

You are a one-stop service shop, it sounds like!

Abby said...

Guano is most definitely a bat bi-product. Well... erm... guano the translated word, not Guano the brother... person... HE chose that name.
And yeah, haircut? Dinner? ATM? Sure. Just don't ask me to replace a shirt you carelessly lost.

ShadowRun300 said...

Congrats on being able to say no. I need a lesson. I'm totally ready for some routine, but don't see it happening soon.
In the meantime, I'll live through you! Fun names for the computers. And love the windows to the soul idea!
And glad you're able to see your veins again! It really IS the bees knees.

"Guano" (ahem) said...

Back in the day, boys hot-rodded cars or stereos, or both. Today, cars are homogenized and stereos are in our pockets, so a teenage boy's sticker-bombed desktop behemoth is heartwarming in a somewhat nostalgic way. It's both a mind-expanding tool as well as a personal statement. I trust he will use this power for good!

And yes, "guano" is bat shit -- but it's "good shit" .....hence the nickname to which I was once referred eons ago (as in "He's a good shit, y'know, kinda like bat guano").

Abby said...

I was doing so well!... then Cookie Lady called. From NOW on, the answer's "no".
And yes, I'm gazing at my hand veins right now.

Abby said...

Hmmm... and in comparison, my "Clover" has no stickers. Maybe she needs a personal statement too?
I've always felt "Guano" was appropriate. I mean that in a good way.

agg79 said...

My offspring went through three systems by the time he graduated from college. The one we gave him at graduation, one he bought at a Black Friday sale and one he built from parts (ala Frankenstein). I'm reminiscing like Guano - back in my day it was all about the cars. I could rebuild a car and add stuff to it to make it go faster, louder, etc. Now it all about processor speed, memory, refresh rate and dual screens for gaming.

BTW - I tend to name my "stuff" as well. Somehow things tend to take on a personality when you give them a name.

Abby said...

I guess if the hot rods have been replaced by computers, Chaco and Wolfgang have quite the "muscle".

Which comes first, the name or the personality?