Wednesday, September 17, 2014

a bit of an oversight

We were headed home, just another nice day on the path.

Just as we were about to climb an extra steep portion, I felt a *pop*, more of a *jam* really.  All I know is that it was totally immobilizing and I wasn't able to barely move anymore.  In excrutiating pain, I pulled over to the side.  

Still, I didn't think it was that bad.  Maybe if I just sat for a bit and collected myself, we'd be back in business soon.  But the more I sat and tried to work out the kink, the more it became apparent that I might need some first aid.

As I sat there, a bit frustrated and embarrassed, a smooth running, fit male appeared on the path and pulled over.  My first thought was, "Oh sh*t, I'm filthy and in a sorry state.  Please, just keep going".

But no, he offered to help.  HE had a little first aid kit with him.  As he produced it from a little pack, I realized that it looked much like the kit at home sitting on our shelf.  A lot of good that was doing us!

In the end, he had what I needed.  But the whole process of examining the problem and taking steps to mend it enough for me to make it home only served to highlight what a sorry state I was in.  

I hadn't bathed in a while, parts of me were loose that should've been tight, parts of me were tight that should've been loose.  There were flecks of dirt, old and new, adorning my whole body.  As thankful as I was for the assistance, it was all a bit  humiliating.

At least it wasn't all lost on Abby.  After all, it was HER fault.

Soon after we arrived and limped into the house, she gave me a warm bath, all the while whispering little apologies.  Then she left me behind in my repose - how ironic - to get some personal care items for me.

She returned and gave me a little home TLC.  It wasn't quite as nice and thorough as the annual spa treatments she schedules, but I felt SO much better afterward.  Too bad I had to break down on the path for her to get her rear in gear.

About frickin' time!


Note to self:  I need to do more for Bella than just take her in for annual tune-ups if I want to avoid her being publicly humiliated and throwing shade at me on the internet.



Haddock said...

Hope Abby is fine now :-)

Rebecca S. said...

It always takes me aback when I discover just what voice you are writing in some days :) Poor Bella. I took out Iris yesterday for a good ride. It had been quite a long time and she paid me back for my neglect by causing a darn sore rear end.
All in all, though? I'm very glad the 'pop' was not your ankle or knee and something only needing a little part and some convalescent spa time.

Abby said...

It's all good... for now

Abby said...

Hey, nice to see you, Rebecca. And I'm glad you got in some Iris time despite a bit of a "hangover".
And I'm glad the "pop" wasn't one of my parts either, but don't tell Bella!

Guano said...

Look at it this way: You (and Bella) gave that guy a chance to be a Knight in Shining Armor. He probably dug that.

I'm reminded of the Midwest's goatee'd guys with big 'ol 4-wheel drive trucks. On the rare snow, inexperienced drivers are in ditches everywhere. These truck dudes live for that day. They hook up tow ropes & chains & pull cars of ditches for hours on end. Most don't even talk to the ditched people. If one ever happens upon you sometime, I recommend staying out of their way & just let 'em work their mojo. It's what they do......

terri said...

Poor Bella! At least it wasn't a permanent or serious injury. I guess sometimes things like this need to happen as a reminder that a little TLC is needed!

Anonymous said...

I am SOOO glad it wasn't you that popped. And I'm SOOO glad Bella didn't decide to get revenge and buck you off. (Like "whats-her-name" did to me.)
And I'm with Guano, I bet that guy loved being your knight in shining armor. And I'm guessing Bella was a bit smitten, even if she didn't look her best...

Abby said...

You're probably right, but the analogy presents quite the contrast. Our "knight's" appearance was far removed from a typical truck dude in a snowstorm - well, other than the goatee.
He was lean, and quite soft spoken. He commutes 17 miles each way to work <-- found that out while making conversation to distract him from Bella's state of neglect!

Abby said...

Right, nothing serious! And now we're all better from it :)

Abby said...

Yeah... whats-her-name... want Bella to give her some relationship advice??
I told the knight that his karma account just got a big deposit.

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh poor Bella, that is no way to great her, she obviously popped on purpose just to show you how neglected she is. Now I need to go and wash my car in case he decides to do the same thing!

Riot Kitty said...

Ouch! Jesus. I hope you stay injury and sting-free for awhile.