Tuesday, July 1, 2014

speaking in tongues

I've concluded that the outdoor temperature is in direct proportion to the length of our dog's hair.  I swear, every time I take her for a grooming, the temperature drops to unseasonably chilly.  Every.  Time.

The weekend was a hot one, close to 100 on Sunday.  I was feeling smug that I'd booked a China grooming appointment for yesterday - perfect timing!  It was already getting hot when I took her shaggy self over at around 9 a.m.  When I picked her  up about 3 hours later, the clouds were moving in, cooling things off nicely.  They hung around.

This morning, it was 59 degrees at 5 a.m. - pretty typical.  It is now after 10 a.m. and still 59 degrees.  I'm wearing long sleeves.  Long sleeves!  And I feel like I should cover the dog up since I took her coat off.

Anyways, Meego was with me when we pulled up to get the freshly shorn China from Wag 'n' Wash.  He says, "When you started bringing China here, I thought it was 'Wag 'n' Wash".

I says, "It is 'Wag 'n' Wash'".

"No", he says, " I thought 'WAGON Wash', like why would you bring a dog to a wagon wash?"

And that reminded me of a few years ago when the kids and I went to get a Christmas tree.

Me:  Let's go get a tree

Chaco:  Where we going?

Me:  Phelan Gardens.

Chaco:  Felon Gardens?!?!

Me:  Yeah, it's a nice place, what?

Chaco:  I don't think we should get a CHRISTMAS tree from Felon Gardens!

Me:  ???


Then there was that one "Hat Day" at school:

Wolfgang:  Can I have a dollar for Hat Day?

Me:  Okay, what's Hat Day?

Wolfgang:  We can wear a hat to school if we pay a dollar.

Me:  Oh, what does the school do with the money?

Wolfgang:  They donate it to charity

Me:  "Charity"?  There are a lot of charities, that's kinda vague.

Wolfgang:  What kind of egg?

... Wait, what?



Anonymous said...

Oh how funny! Every once in a while my kids, Mario especially, will tell me what they used to think when they were little. I love it when they share.
I think our rain is directly related to my car washing. Honestly. The last three times I washed my car, it rained that afternoon. At least we know the secret to changing the weather. ;)

Abby said...

Car washing - definitely. Heck, we brought that Black Forest fire under control last year with a county-wide car washing effort! If we all shave our pooches on the same day, we might make it snow in July!

agg79 said...

Yea, things can get garbled in the translation. I still recall one from our younger days we used to listen to a lot of music on long road trips. I had one tape of Bob Seger that got a bunch of airplay. One song I liked at the time was "Making Thunderbirds". My wife admited one day that she thought he said "Making Fun of Hertz".

I have the same level of weather control as ShadowRun - can usually get rain if I wash the truck. I've even been known to drum up some thunderstorms if I wax it as well.

Abby said...

Song lyrics are the most fun! I remember a friend and I working in a lab, singing along to Bananarama's "Venus", which he thought was "Fetus". Weird, weird song!

Rebecca S. said...

And this, folks, is how song lyrics get misquoted :)

Last week I wore JEANS for a couple of days. JEANS! Yesterday it was in the nineties and we were sweltering in shorts. I saw a lot of hot dogs yesterday, and not the eating kind.

Rebecca S. said...

I just read the comment above mine, so will add this misheard song lyric. 'Doughnut make my brown eyes blue.' instead of 'Don't it make my...'. Funny how we don't question these things when we are young!

Abby said...

HA! Well, I suppose that's the price that songwriter pays for bad grammar...

Anita said...

Speaking of China - not that this relates to her - but, I think we've finally gotten to the dog days of summer. There will be no more 59 degree mornings, mid-days, or nights for awhile. Almost 100 today.

When I "speak in tongues," my kids attribute it to, uh, getting older?

Riot Kitty said...

OMG, that is hilarious! Did you say the egg was scrambled?

terri said...

This cracks me up! We have had many similar conversations in our family through the years.

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