Sunday, June 8, 2014

Silver Liningness Sunday

I thought that when classes ended for summer, I'd blog more, get back into Illustration Friday, etc.  How's that working for me?  Well, I'm still planning to do the things... I have an idea for this week's illustration, that's something, right?

But it does seem that the weeks have been a-flying by, doesn't it?  Or is it just me?  At least I have these Silver Liningness Sundays to help me stop and reflect!  I took a nice bike ride this morning, then I ate like, two breakfasts.  Now I'm sort of in a post 2-breakfast stupor, but here goes.

First of all, the morning was sort of cool/foggy.  I snapped this pic at an intersection that is usually sunny at that time of morning

It felt good now that temperatures are usually pretty warm.  I welcomed the coolness and the clouds keeping the sun out of my eyes.  (Note to self:  put that headlight on Alice).

Also, like last week, there was evidence of some sort of event going on along the bike path.  I have yet to find out what it was, and I'm quite curious.  I came upon a very large woman wearing a very large fluorescent green t-shirt, setting up an aid station.  By "very large", I don't mean that she was a big girl, like in the UFC, but she was just large.  Over 300 pounds, I'm certain.  

There was another similarly large woman in the parking lot near this aid station.  She was also wearing the very large fluorescent green "volunteer" t-shirt and seemed to be loading supplies for the volunteer station.  On my return trip, both women were still there plus a sign that said "Rest Stop" and a table overflowing with bananas.  

Now I'm really curious, but my feeble detective attempts on google have brought up nothing.  And I'm not disrespecting on large women, not at all.  It's just an atypical scene, hence the snoopiness.

In other curiosity news, I got an e-mail recently from  wishing me a happy half-birthday.  How the heck did they know it was my half-birthday?  I hardly even keep track of whole-birthdays.  

But anyways, after they were done reminding me that I'm that much closer to the big 5-0, they offered me free 2-day shipping and a running hat if I spent over $50.  Hmmm... well, I'm a minimalist, but I started thinking...

I've never had racing flats. I just run races in the same shoes I run around for fun in.  There were some racing flats I'd checked out a while ago, but didn't buy.  I went to check them out again, and what do you know if they weren't $30 off to the bargain price of $55?  It was destiny!  (Or good targeted marketing)

I got 'em this week.  I like 'em

loud enough for ya?

I took them for about a 2.5 miles test drive, and I think we'll get along nicely.  Maybe I'll review them further once we've spent some quality time together.   Oh, I like the hat too.

So Happy half-Birthday, or three-sevenths-Birthday, or whatever you're on!  And if anyone knows what the heck was going on on that pathway this morning, text me, k?


Larz said...

Great shoes! I just got a new pair myself. I think it's high time I wrote another minimal footwear review. (In a bit, once the online order arrives of course.)

terri said...

I thought I would blog more too, now that the weather is nicer, making it much more likely I'll get out, do interesting things and have something to blog about. It's just hard to get to it sometimes. But no worries. I think we SHOULD be out doing things and enjoying the world instead of spending more time behind our computers.

Like the shoes! (Happy 1/2 birthday, BTW. I guess that means you're 25 years old now!)

Abby said...

I plan to fully review these after searching out a few online reviews and finding them lacking. Maybe a vlog...

Abby said...

True, it's not like I'm not enjoying myself :).

And OMIGOSH, I love the 1/2 birthday formula! I'm totally just gonna celebrate the halves now!

Riot Kitty said...

That does sound like an odd scene to pop in on. Something like that happened to me - I was in a taqueria at midnight. This woman with huge boobs came in and basically slung them over the counter and said to the guy working, "We're hungry! And you're gonna feed us!"

Rock Chef said...

Hope you find out what the event is/was!

Half birthdays - not sure Terri's math works - if we celebrate every half year that makes me about to become 102?

Abby said...

Well... my thing doesn't seem odd at all now.

Abby said...

I found it! Actually, Magnum found it. I'll blog an update.
As for half-birthdays, I like Terri's recipe much better!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the 1/2 birthday formula!
And the shooz are kool! Can't wait to hear a more detailed review. I'm in the market for a new pair and will most likely stick with the Brooks line.
As for blogging... my goal is to stay on your side bar. By my calculations, I have a few more days before I'm kicked off.

Abby said...

I've gotta give a thumbs up to Brooks. My first pair of real running shoes were Brooks from 1980-something.... never mind. And I've always gotten great customer service when dealing with them directly. Good thing they also make good shooz! I just need a few longer runs with these to do a real review, but so far so good!

I see you're still on the sidebar, but don't get too relaxed!

agg79 said...

Interesting how you are able to go out for a ride or run and just keep stumbling across some event.

Love the new shooz but since I tend to over pronate quite a bit, I don't think the minimalist style would work for me. I gotta admit, though, I am jealous.