Thursday, November 14, 2013

be healed!

Well, first of all...

Actual customer - not a dramatization

This stuff is THE  BALM!  Shout out to Burt's Bees!  I'd seen the products at the healthy store, among all the other similiar items, and it seemed to have quite a following, but I never had a real reason to try any of them out.  Until now.  Until it was concluded that my face issues - well, the ones having to do with irritated skin anyway - were the result of bicycling in abrasive weather conditions (thank you Terri).

The label touts, "No more weather-weary hair and skin during your outdoor adventures!..."

Plus, there was that cute canister.

I just wanted something I could easily keep in my backpack, so I got me some Burt's Bees Miracle Salve, and it's awesome!  The English Patient ointment made a marked improvement, but this stuff is even a step above.  No more itchy or puffy, plus I look like a 20-year-old!  Okay, two out of three isn't bad...

Speaking of bicycling, sort of, Tessa came along yesterday as my middle school partner and I did a lesson with an unruly group of 8th graders.  We talked circumferences, gear ratios, speed control, etc. while Tessa strutted her stuff.  I think she rather enjoyed the limelight.

Afterwards, our instructor (who observes these rookie attempts) told us he really liked our lesson design and that we should publish it for the archives.  He told me, "You obviously have a passion for this stuff and that's engaging for the students".

Geez, it's math, engineering, and bicycling.  I told him if Johnny Depp were somehow thrown in there, we'd be off the chain.


  1. Glad it's working! I wish it would work on styes and bags under the eyes too!

    1. I wish I had a similar miracle salve to recommend for you, Joey. You've been dealing with that &^%$ stye for too long.

  2. Hmm... what else does it cure? I may have to get me some.
    You're proving what I've known all along - you're going to be a great teacher. And if you manage to get Johnny Depp, I'll be going back to school. In Colorado. Studying math.

    1. Next time I go to the healthy store, I'm stocking up! That stuff should come in handy for the zombie apocalypse.
      *runs off to go figure out a way to include Johnny Depp in the next lesson*

  3. Okay, I'm sold. I'm getting me some Burt's Bees Fountain of Youth Facial Salve.

    Congrats on a successful lesson with a notoriously difficult age group. I would show up if Johnny Depp were included!

  4. That is a great compliment from the instructor, kudos! I love Burt's.

  5. Your comment that two out of three isn't bad made me laugh :)

  6. Oh hell yes - Burt's Bees is the bees knees! I use that product faithfully!

  7. Guess I gotta jump on the bandwagon and get me some Burt's Bees. I'm sure I need it for something! :)

    Compliments from the instructor (about your intellect, though he could have added your beautiful Burt's Bees skin) and "your healing" made for a good week!

  8. Burts Bees. Another good off the wall recommendation. With that kind of testimony, I will have to add it to the first aid kit along with the tube of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.