Sunday, September 29, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Our summer ended with weeks of blistering heat followed by a hundred year flood.  This first week of fall has been much more stable and dreamier.  We also got our first snow on the Peak this week.

It actually snows up there year-round.  The summit of Pikes Peak really has its own separate climate from us lowlanders, but it's this first major covering that always gets people snapping pics.

Speaking of snapping pics, we finally got us a decent camera this week.  Magnum found a sweet online deal, and we snapped it up (get it?  "snapped" it up??).  It's a Canon EOS Rebel T3.  I personally haven't read many reviews or such because Magnum usually does that stuff before making a purchase.  It's like the way Burger King just builds wherever McDonald's does because McDonald's does all the market research.
Magnum is my McDonald's.

I need to learn how to use it yet.  Maybe I'll play around with it later today.  Toad photos anyone?

I finally got around to visiting another PEO chapter this week and plan to visit another soon.  Apparently, my name has made the list of People-To-Call-Because-They'll-Actually-Come-Visit-When-Invited.  My phone's been ringing crazily lately.

In movie news, we watched Side Effects, which I think I liked.  It was a bit creepy and disturbing involving evil people.  But there are several plot twists to hold the attention, and I'm happy to watch Jude Law do just about anything.

Wolfgang graced us with his presence for a while this weekend.  He needed a haircut, and I was happy to oblige.

And I finally got around to getting my eyes checked.  It's been about 5 years since my last prescription and I noticed having a bit of trouble seeing the board in class.  Turns out, my eyes haven't changed all that much.  Maybe the instructor just has messy writing?


terri said...

You've definitely had some epic weather over the past few months. Good to hear things have settled down a bit.

Congratulations on the new camera! I don't use mine often enough lately. It's just too easy to snap photos with a cell phone I'm always carrying around anyway. Maybe you'll take some amazing shots and motivate me to use mine again.

I have been watching some t.v. shows on Netfl!x lately that are on the darker side. Dark is not usually my style, but I'm totally hooked on Sons of Anarchy. (Okay, that could just be my cougar-crush on Charlie Hunnam.) Anyway, it's good to know that my friends are sometimes attracted to disturbing entertainment too.

I need my eyes checked. I find myself hitting the zoom option on my browser more and more lately.

agg79 said...

Good wrap up to a busy summer. Hard to believe that the snow is starting to come to the high country already. It's way too early to start thinking about winter.

It is good to see you visiting another PEO chapter. They must know a good resource (aka sucker) when they see one. Good luck with eye exam. Hope the changes are minor and you don't wind up with BFs like I did.

Abby said...

The new camera is definitely bigger and bulkier than a cell phone, and with it, I'll have no excuse for my poor photography skills. We'll see what happens!

I saw Charlie Hunnam for the first time in Deadfall (movie). He can be as disturbing as he wants - although he was more or less a good guy in that dark movie.

Abby said...

I'm not ready for the snow to get any closer. But it will.
I have consistently paid my PEO dues over the years, so I figure it's about time I visit if only for the yummy desserts!
I managed to (fake) convince the eye dr. that I don't need B-word glasses... yet.

Anonymous said...

You certainly deserve to have a beautiful fall. I'm guessing you'll take full advantage of it.

I love that Magnum is your McDonald's! Makes me smile every time. :)

And congrats for passing your eye exam! Those get harder and harder each year. I'm barely passing at this point, but not bad enough to need the B-word glasses.

Keep those Pike's Peak pics coming! I miss 'em.

Riot Kitty said...

Right there with you about Jude Law!

CiCi said...

Five years and barely a change, eh, oh yeah, that's right you are still YOUNG. Ha. You are spot on about McDonald doing all the research and then other companies following their lead to a certain area. Does Magnum know he is your McDonald's?

Hope you don't have record winter weather there, you seem to surpass all expectations in the weather department there. Are you still riding the bike to class?

Abby said...


Abby said...

Magnum's McDonald's skills are half the reason I married him. And how many birthdays can I have before the dreaded B-word glasses?!?

Abby said...

I've told him he's my McDonald's but it's been a while. Maybe I should remind him. And yes, I'm absoloodly still biking to class.

Rock Chef said...

I think you have a good position there - a nice view of the mountains without living in the middle of them.

Writing on a board? Hasn't PowerPoint or Prezzi reached your area yet? :-)

Rebecca S. said...

I have a Canon Rebel, too. I love it. My daughter has the version you have. She did a lot of research as well. I just bought mine because I liked the commercials with Andre Agassi for years, and because I had 'heard good things' about the cameras.
We have snow on our high mountains, too. I was snapping plenty of photos on the way home from a trip up north to visit my sister. The first snow always gets people's attention :)

Guano said...

Let us know if Magnum McDonald ever does research on a ruggedized pocket point & shoot; I'd be inclined to BK that. Say, maybe you could take some spy photos of a PEO gathering :-)

Abby said...

Nope, we still do math with hammer and chisel!

Abby said...

Yeah, first appreciable snow and everyone's all excited. Come April, it's a much different mood.

Abby said...

Spy shots of PEO would require a stealthier camera. It's probably been done, most PEO "secrets" are now googlable *sigh*.