Sunday, August 4, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

I'm back.  Didja even know we was gone?

We got in a feral fix this weekend.  After waiting patiently all summer, the fire bans were eventually lifted, so

we loaded up like neanderthals and headed for the hills.

Wolfgang planned an end-of-summer trip to Elitch's with a few friends, a couple of whom will be leaving this week for college.  So while they were being amused, the rest of us went to go get dirty.

Chaco refused to move from this position
until I put the camera away

It was a really nice weekend for it. Lots of rain was forecast, but we didn't get a whole lot where we were, just clouds and cooler temperatures. We did get under a few sprinkles, but we don't complain about rain!

It was a beautiful day for hiking through the Aspens.

I don't think it technically counts as "lost" if we didn't know where we were going in the first place

Strange tree carvings in those woods.  I'm sure they were signs of doom from some evil forest cult.

This morning, Meego and I went for a bacon hike and met a couple of deer.

We were enjoying a nice moment of nature bonding, when a rowdy jeep shocked us all back to the rat race.

We enjoyed a nice time by the creek while some Church-in-the-Woods people worshipped nearby, reminding me it was Sunday.

No doubt, we were affected by the evil forest cult, because we played Survival Poker while the Biblin' was going on.

Magnum had a deck of playing cards with survival pointers on them.  We had regular and strike-anywhere matches for "chips"

I'm pretty sure a use-your-watch-as-a-compass and a how-to-fend-off-a-black-bear beats a what-not-to-eat and a make-a-snowcave.


agg79 said...

So jealous of your trip. Would love to have the opportunity to explore the hills and trails like you did. Definitely a different trek than last year. Love the shot with you and the tree carving - don't mess with the bull...

Riot Kitty said...

Fend off a black bear by keeping Sweet and Low. Seriously.

Guano said...

Good times. Maybe the Biblin' campers were doing their rain dance. Wofgang missed out!

Abby said...

Our last camp trip was to the Sand Dunes - way fun! But yeah, totally different from the Aspen woods.

That bull carving - post-sale Merrill Lynch broker cult?

Abby said...

The throw-food-at-him method seems friendlier than the spray-him-with-nasty-pepper-spray one.

Abby said...

There was some singing going on, maybe some dancing too! Wolfgang is lobbying for a fall trek.

meleah rebeccah said...

What an awesome weekend!

"I don't think it technically counts as "lost" if we didn't know where we were going in the first place" - HA! I agree!

Anita said...

I always love the family camping trips and pics. I take a couple minutes each timeyou post to live vicariously through them.

Walking over the rocks in the stream would be something I'd try, but I'd probably fall in.

The shorter hair is workin' for you. I hope you like the change.

Anita said...

Oh...Yes, I did wonder why a lapse in the posting. Now I know you was gone. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the strike-anywhere matches were worth more than the regular. (Which would seem to be worthless once separated - but I'm not really an expert on poker.)
I'm happy to hear you spent your weekend in the woods. Had you been at a hotel, your life may have been in danger. (well, maybe just MY hotel.) :/

Abby said...

My parents had no interest in camping. I was a teenager with friends to camp with before I could indulge.

I've gotten used to the shorter hair, although keep in mind that "camp hair" is represented here, which is a whole nother style in itself.

Abby said...

You guessed it on the match denominations! I'm getting better at poker, since it's a game of choice around here, especially when all we have is cards. I'm awful at bluffing though, I worry too much about losing my strike-anywheres.

A deck of survival cards would come in handy at your hotel.

Abby said...

Still, I was glad someone knew how to use a compass, and that we had one...

terri said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love that you played poker while the Biblin' was going on. You guys are true survivalists, making use of matches in the absence of poker chips! ;-)