Sunday, July 14, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Another Sunday, another counting of the good things!

Niece and Sis-in-law
when the strippers showed up?

The week began with our niece's bridal shower and engagement party.  It was nice to see her all happy and to meet Mr. Wonderful.

I'd signed up again this summer for free bowling, and we finally went a couple of times this week.  Meego's getting pretty good.  I'm... bowling too.

I got a much needed haircut this week.  Add some increased humidity to the fact that I was already due for a shearing, and it wasn't pretty.  It's a bit shorter than usual, but really, I was nearly ready to tell the stylist to just give me a G.I. Jane for some relief.  Here are the before and afters:


close enough...

But I am thankful for the humidity, such a treat here in summertime.  We got some decent rains this week.  Unfortunately for the people who live "downstream" from the burn scar, it's an absolute mess with the flash flooding.  It's like a flood of cold thick tar, rushing in from the charred hillside into these people's streets and homes.  The upside is... well... rain.

I already mentioned the fire at "home".  Since that big rain, the updates have dwindled.  It's a no-news-is-good-news mode now.  A photo of the peak yesterday:

Smoke free!

We're trying to be frugal while still enjoying summer break this year.  What with three of us in college now, and me working less hours.  We've had a few game nights.  I've relearned Yahtzee, and last night we Scrabbled.  I won.

Yay me.  It's probably the hair.


Guano said...

A good haircut a good week makes!

lotta joy said...

The only difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is two weeks. But when you get a good one, heavenly angels sing in tune.

Abby said...

Yah, I feel like a *COUGH* whole 'nother person *COUGH*COUGH*

Abby said...

I'm always grateful for my haircut angels when they sing. I've had a few demon cuts in my time.

agg79 said...

Nice 'do'. A good haircut can make all the difference. Glad to hear ya'll are finally getting some much needed rain, despite the runoff. Hope it hangs around for a while to knock out all those fires.

And a good game of scrabble brings back old memories.

Linda Hensley said...

Great haircut! Makes me think I should go in and get that done, especially in the summer heat. Hagrid 007 looks pretty handsome even with the blur effect :) Congrats on Scrabbling!

Anonymous said...

Oooh... you look good! I'm thinkin' I need to plan a visit to YOUR hairdresser.
Sounds like a great week for you, although I wish you all could find a happy medium with the rain.
Word games are my absolute favorite, and Scrabble ranks among the top 3 for me. Boggle and Yahoo Word Racer are the other two. Great ways to entertain a frugal family!

terri said...

I'm ... bowling also this summer. And not even for free.

I'll bet your hair looks great a la Halle Berry! Funny... I had mine cut off last fall. Been trying to grow it out ever since.

Glad to hear you're getting some rain finally, albeit mucky rain! Gotta take what you can get.

No one will play scrabble with me here. I spend too much time on Words with Friends.

meleah rebeccah said...

Congrats on your niece's engagement!

Hooray for bowling. I am a terrible bowler - but it sure is fun.

My hair looks like I've been electrocuted. This damn heat & humidity are awful this year.
I would kill for a rainy day!

Scrabble & Yahtzee are two of my favorite games!

Anita said...

I don't think that's a "lookin' at the stripper" look on the girls' faces. The mouths are not hanging open enough and the eyes aren't glazed over. But what do I know? Anyway, they look happy.

You all get humidity there? Is there anywhere in this country to escape it? Glad things are settling down fire-wise.

Short as Halle's! You gotta post a pic.

LL Cool Joe said...

Demi Moore in GI Jane looked totally hot I thought. :)