Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the British are coming!

My Brit boyfriend is coming to visit.  You may have heard of him.  Henry Charles Albert David?  Better known as Prince Harry?

We've been carrying on for quite a while now.  I haven't mentioned him much here on the blog since I like to keep the whole affair on a low profile.  I mean, look at poor Kate.  Can't even have morning sickness in private.

But with him coming all the way out for a tryst, it's going to be difficult to keep things as hush-hush, so I thought I'd go ahead and spill.  I'd rather you hear it from me.

The media is reporting that he's coming out here for The Warrior Games, but that's just a ruse.  Don't believe it.

Still, I will play the role as American commoner so as not to arouse any suspicions.

His visit carries a   “strong central theme of supporting injured servicemen and women from both the UK and US armed forces”, and I'm sure that is also quite sincere.  In the meantime, we locals are preparing for the Royal visit.  Some comments I read regarding an article about proper Prince protocol included:

"Offer him a beer and say, "welcome to the Rockies, Harry!".

"As much as I kinda like Harry, this is the US. There is no protocol for royalty. I'd rather address him by his military rank than royal title. And I would encourage him to show me that same respect in return."

"We kicked their butts in 1776 and again in 1812 so I wouldn't have to bow or courtsey or whatever to any man"

"I'm sure I saw him at Hobby Lobby today twice.  I read later that he was in town.  I would bet $1,000 it was him!

But now you all know *wink* the truth behind his visit.  So in this case, what's written in AbbyNormal, stays in AbbyNormal.  (Not so much the case in Vegas).

  • Would you go out of your way to meet British Royalty if they were in your town?  
  • Do you think Royal protocol applies in the U.S.?  
  • Was that him at Hobby Lobby??



Anita said...

As soon as I can stop giggling at the photo, I'll try to answer. Hmmm...

#1 Probably not. I live about an hour away from Williamsburg and when the queen was here, I was interested, but not willing to jump through all the hoops necessary.

#2 Royal protocol here? Why not? Let's have fun with it. Kinda do that "wink* thing after you bow.

#3 Hobby Lobby? That's the craft store, right? That sounds like a "Harry" thing to do. Btw, I think you make a good looking couple. Shhh...Let's not tell Magnum.

terri said...

Oh, look at you two! Such a cozy couple. I always thought Harry was the cuter prince. Way to go, Abby! As for your questions:

1. Probably not. I'm lazy that way. It seems like a lot of work to go to all the hassle of trying to see them in person when I can probably get a better glimpse on t.v. Besides, I would get tongue tied and look like an idiot anyway.

2. Following royal protocol would be a nice gesture. Let's just not let the Honey Boo Boo family near them.

3. Hobby Lobby? Yes, I'm sure it was him. He was probably picking up a t-shirt and some fabric paint to make himself a commemorative shirt to mark the occasion.

Guano said...

Would you go out of your way to meet British Royalty if they were in your town?
Nope. In fact I'd do the just the opposite (no offense to the Royal Fam)

Do you think Royal protocol applies in the U.S.?
Only at "official functions". But one would be wise to watch the P's & Q's no matter what the occasion....

Was that him at Hobby Lobby??
Did she have a hankering for fake flower arranging? If so, then yes, he was there (I speak from experience. Yesterday, in fact).

Abby said...

I like your idea of the royal protocol but not really. Maybe a curtsy followed by, "okay, your turn!"
He always smiles big like that when we attend a function together.

Abby said...

I had a shot at William, but I had to let him down easy. I've always had eyes for Harry.
Yikes! The Honey Boo Boos!
I think your right about Hobby Lobby. He probably got that fabric paint with the glitter in it.

Abby said...

I'm kinda with the "we kicked their butts..." commentor, on principle anyway. His lineage is not more special than mine (ours). Still, he's more than welcome to come over for a spot of tea.
I personally make a beeline for the art toys at Hobby Lobby. Won't catch me near the silk flowers. Maybe that's why I missed him. This time.

Anonymous said...

No, I would not go out of my way to meet British Royalty, although if I ran into him in Hobby Lobby I would be quite giddy about seeing him, and in all my flustered-ness, I'm sure I would forget my royal manners, so I doubt I would courtsey. Fall down at his feet, maybe, but not courtsey.
I doubt he would notice me anyway. After all, he only has eyes for you, I'm sure.

LL Cool Joe said...

I live 45 minutes away from Buckingham Palace and have never seen it. Doesn't that say it all? My partner has met the Queen a few times, and I have photos of my brother meeting Princess Anne. I've met none of them, and really can't say I care one bit at all. I was out cutting the hedges when the UK watched Princess Diana's funeral.

I have to say that as far as Royals go I do quite like Prince Harry and William. :) But I wouldn't go out of my way to see them. Maybe I'll bump into Harry in Vegas sometime. ;)

Rock Chef said...

•Would you go out of your way to meet British Royalty if they were in your town?

Um,no. The Queen came to Canterbury a short while ago, passing within a couple of hundred yards of me but I couldn't be bothered to leave my desk...

•Do you think Royal protocol applies in the U.S.?

Not with the Princes, they are very normal and would love it if you offered them a beer.

•Was that him at Hobby Lobby??

Probably, I hear he is an avid scrapbooker.

Abby said...

I'm not going out of my way to see him either, but if he swings by the crosswalk, I might let him push the button.

Abby said...

Never seen B Palace - that does say much! Well, the hedges do need attention. I'm with you. I hope you're good at billiards if you happen upon him in Vegas :)

Abby said...

I don't think I've ever curtsied in my life, but I can offer a beer. Prince Harry's scrapbook - there's a visual.

Rock Chef said...

Yes, wouldn't that be something to see! :-)