Sunday, May 5, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

I'm not quite able to retire or burn the long underwear, but there's been some improvement in the weather, and I'm grateful for that.  I don't mean to keep with the weather updates, but it seems like every time I sit down to blog something else, the weather venting just happens!  I'm shutting the door now!  (I long to visit a place where there are people who have never heard of long underwear... okay, STOP)

But we really do appreciate the springtime moisture.  The city is on lawn watering restrictions because of our dry winter.  Tuesdays and Saturdays - that's us.

China is at the groomers as I type.  She held onto her fur coat for extra innings this year, but I think it's safe to take some off now.  Please?

Wolfgang had a busy week.  End of year exams, two track meets, and Prom.  Much fun was had (with the exception of the exams), but I'm not sure he slept.

The relay team set a new PR in the 4x800, helping to solidify an invitation to the state meet.

Meego had another track meet this week too.  Two were scheduled, but one was cancelled on account of snow.  We're not talking about that, though.

Things are starting to fall into place for the teacher licensing program I'll be starting soon, and I'm starting to chomp to getting going already.  Chaco already owns the textbook I need for my old lady class for this summer... or rather, WE already bought it... and every little bit helps.

Magnum and I watched The Day I Saw Your Heart.  Nothing particularly epic, but it was fun and touching and the characters were likable.  We both enjoyed it.

Meego went to see the latest G.I. Joe with a friend.  I asked his thoughts:  "There's lots of action.  They tried to have a story too, but that didn't really happen".  About what I would've expected.

Happy May everybody!  Didja catch the Kentucky Derby?  How 'bout that Orb, huh?  How 'bout that announcer trying to make the name "Orb" sound good?


LL Cool Joe said...

You should be a Brit. All we talk about is the weather. It's been quite pleasant here recently. No shortage of rain though!

Handsome couple!

terri said...

Look at your boy, all handsome and grown up and going to the prom! They are a lovely couple.

Weather stuff is still happening in my neck of the woods. I'm not sure I'm done talking about it. After all... I bothered to take pictures!

Glad to hear the teacher licensing process is moving along. Before you know it you'll be all certified and official!

agg79 said...

Aww. Wolfgang at the prom. Looks all growed up.

Not to rub it in, but if you head down this way, we've put away the longjohns and winter coats last month. Nice clear, cool weekend in the sun. And with all the rain we've had of late, we have finally climbed out of the drought conditions. No more water restrictions (for now).

An interesting DVD. But of course, you and Magnum always pick the most interesting movies to watch.

Abby said...

Yes, if I were a Brit, I bet I'd talk about rain!

Abby said...

Didn't I just go to MY prom? How can I have a (second oldest) kid going to his?

I think you've got worse weather war stories than I do. Rant away!

Abby said...

A facebook friend of mine posted photos from a "chilly" 5k this weekend in Texas. Everyone was in shorts!

Anonymous said...

It's hard NOT to talk about the weather when it affects your mood, and you know the cold weather SHOULD be long gone, but it's not. So go ahead... rant all you want!
Terrific picture of Wolfgang and his date! My oldest two boys weren't interested in Prom, but I have a feeling Amp will be. If only because he likes to dress up.
Glad to hear your school schedule is coming together. I've been anxious to hear ALL about it.
And yep, saw the mud run. Hard to make Orb sound like a 'fast' name. ShadowRun would be better.

Abby said...

It does affect my mood, and my joints. Getting old(er) is rough!
Chaco didn't make a fuss over prom either. He planned to go to After Prom with some friends, but ended up with a cold instead. No big loss. When we were getting Wolfgang's tux, he said that her dress was black and mostly white, and I was having trouble picturing that in a good way. I really like it though! Yay for dressing up!
ShadowRun would be a super racehorse name!

Linda Hensley said...

Why not bury your long johns? Have a funeral for them, and you can be environmentally friendly. Love your racing picture, especially how you composed the colors. Here's to hoping for a week of warm sunshine and spring flowers!

CiCi said...

Yep, the dressed up kids look grown up. They both look great. Too bad Prom is so darn expensive. I guess it can't be helped, have to get on the money wagon if one wants to attend Prom. I feel sorry for the younguns though. Prom must be an important social event since we all remember going to our own Prom so many years ago. In my case, many, many, years ago.

Abby said...

Thanks Linda! And the funeral idea is very tempting. I can lay them to rest in the old horseshoe pit out back.

Abby said...

You're right, Prom is not cheap, but it does make for lasting memories. Wolfgang appreciates the ability to go, I know of some kids that skip it because of the expense. It seems like the high schools pile on more and more pretentious senior events, but prom is one that's still mainly for the kids. They had a great time.

Anita said...

Wolfgang's got a little Elvis thing going on. I think it's the hair. :) They look attractive, happy, and coordinated - as every prom couple should be.

I can't believe I missed the Kentucky Derby! Not that I'm an aficionado; I just like horses.

Where's your Monday post? Everything alright out there? How's the weather? Had to ask. :)

Rock Chef said...

We had great weather this weekend, but this morning was cool and damp. Happily, it had dried up and got nice and warm by lunchtime...

Hm, maybe Cool Joe and I should make you an honorary Brit?

Abby said...

I told Elvis... er... Wolfgang that I thought he, with his tux, and she, with her dress, looked absolutely smashing, in my best Mrs. Howell impersonation. Nice kids. I'm a little biased, though.

I must've stashed the Monday post and forgotten where it is.

Abby said...

I read that really fast as "... an honorary B*tch", or maybe I'm just projecting?