Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silver Liningness Sunday

Greetings on this fine Sunday.  Another week of goodness down.  There is a large bunch of clutter piled behind me that the donation truck is scheduled to pick up tomorrow.  These are always joyous occassions for me.

In other sloughing off news, Reese the snake has shed another round of skin. These are also momentous events as he doesn't talk much or relate to us in the same ways the furry pets do.  He sheds his skin to show his love (okay, it's a stretch, but he's a snake for cripe's sake!).

Back in the fall, when the days got shorter and cooler, he went into this sort of snake hibernation.  It was an educational time for us.  We got him a heat lamp, and he's become less hibernative over the last several weeks.  Lately, he'd been acting and looking like he was going to shed.  Last night, Meego presented me with three large pieces of skin.

After they shed, snakes are very active and alert, like they're all happy in their new clothes.

Happy Reese, ready to party, and the old skin

A hugfest ensued, boy and snake.

In other charitable donation news, Wolfgang and his track buddies totally geeked out a fun run on Friday night.  It was a one-mile "race" at the university, the registration fee being an article of clothing for the Salvation Army.  By "geeked out", I mean they wanted to see how fast they could do it, so they wore their fast shoes and warmed up and everything like for a real race.  Most of the other participants were non-running college kids who just wanted the free food at the end.

I asked Wolfgang how it went

"We beat....  everybody?  Including the bicycle pacers?"

Salvation army got some clothes.  And I'm happy to report that Wolfgang managed to not lose any shoes... for a change.


Anonymous said...

I love donation day! In fact, as I sit here reading through blogs, my hubby is gathering books from the basement to donate to the hospital book fair. I get the best of both worlds - the good feeling of donating without having to make a bunch of trips up the stairs! ;)
Congrats to King Reese on losing his skin, and to Wolfgang for NOT losing anything.

agg79 said...

Hmmm. Free food. I wonder how many participants they would have gotten if they gave free beer at the finish line. Still, nice cause to run for. And nice job King Reese! Everybody needs to shed a little skin now and then.

terri said...

Snakes are definitely more interesting and entertaining than I ever gave them credit for. I'll be happy to continue learning through your experiences though. No snakes for us.

Good to see that Wolfgang has a "if you're gonna do it, do it big" kind of attitude. And that he maintained his footwear in the process.