Wednesday, October 10, 2012

well, that was fun

I'm grateful that my life has been a happy, comfy one.  That's pretty much been the way all along, but I've had my moments.  My 19th and 20th years, for example.

I enjoyed growing up in a small town, but after high school, I was ready to get out and get on with things.  I ended up hanging around for two more years though.  I attended the home town junior college and would later transfer to a university.

Those two years, I could've used some lessons in living in the moment because I mostly just focused on the happy day when I would move on.

I went to class.  I worked to save up cash.  Other than mystery man, there wasn't much else going on during that time.

One day, I was walking across campus when one of my high school friends, Doug, came running up.  He was also attending the junior college.

"Abby!", he said, "You've gotta sign up for this art class!"

Art class?  I was an engineering major.

Doug was a very creative friend, musically gifted.  His major was "computer maintenance", which nowadays would probably be IT.

"It's a great class", he went on. "It's really laid back and a nice break from all the technical stuff.  Plus, it's good for two humanities credits.  Come join us!"

Yeah, okay, whatever.

But he was SO right.  And that class was just what I needed at that rutty time of life.

The teacher was eccentric as art instructors tend to be.  But he knew his stuff - actually taught us technical things about perspective and anatomy while keeping it "really laid back".  Other than Doug and me, there was one other full-time student.  The others were mainly older folks and housewives that just wanted to indulge their hobby one night a week.

When graduation time rolled around, those older folks and housewives threw us full-timers a surprise graduation party during class.  It was so cheesy and perfect!  I get a lump in my throat at the memory of it.

It's like Doug came and rescued me from my stupor.  And by the way, through the magic of facebook, I know that Doug is a happy tech professional with a rocking musical life on the side.

Recently, someone asked me to do a charcoal portrait of a family member.  I thought, "Oh fun!" (I do love getting requests).  However, other than from assorted camp fires, I haven't handled charcoal since 1985 - my two humanities credits art class.

So my reconnaissance trip to the art toy store yesterday was to get some charcoal and reacquaint myself.

I practiced this morning with an '80s version of  "The Boss".  Seemed appropriate since I was remembering the time.

Good times.  Thank you, Dougie!



ShadowRun300 said...

THAT is AWESOME! Right now I am really envying your talent. ***drool*** I can see why you would think it's fun.
I also enjoyed your mystery man story. Hadn't seen that one yet. In some ways, I can relate....

terri said...

Just think if Doug hadn't seen you at school that day and convinced you to sign up for the class! Funny how such a seemingly coincidental meeting can end up being such a significant part of your life.

Love your rendition of the Boss. Oh, I had SUCH a crush on him in the 80's!

Guano said...

So it was charcoal! I can rest easy, now.....
That's a great Boss rendition -- your mad art skillz do nicely in charcoal; nice of your art classmates to throw y'all a graduation party, too!

Abby said...

Omigosh, I never thought about what would have happened if Doug hadn't entice me into signing up! I need to get him a big old gift or somethin'!

Who didn't have a crush on the Boss?

Abby said...

Funny, I still wonder about what happened to that guy. Maybe he had a thing for hotel girls?

Abby said...

That party was so unexpected, and they really put a lot of creative thought into it. *sniff* PASS THE KLEENEX!

And no, the charcoal isn't the "toy" I alluded to yesterday. THAT toy is coming via mail order!

Jimmy said...

Very nice Charcoal Abby, you have a real talent my friend.

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

What a lovely portrait, Abby. Please thank Doug on my behalf, for he has brought out this hidden talent in you.

Duble said...

I didn't

Duble said...

It turns out I went to a junior college in my home town too, but i have exactly zero art skills.

I am envious of your ability to write, draw, sctech, paint, scuplt, and engineer.

Anita said...

Amazing that you haven't worked with charcoal in all these years. The eccentric art teacher taught you well! Though, I'm thinking most of the credit goes to your artsy genes. :)

Awesome drawing!