Sunday, September 16, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

This has been a nice week.   A little let up in the tutoring schedule left me time to get caught up on some things.  While housewifery may not sound like a nice "vacation", I'm in an agitated state if it's not caught up, even if I'm not sitting in the middle of the neglected house.  It's not great, but I'm out of agitation state.  For now.

I was also able to do some much needed clothes shopping, which was timely since I discovered the missing jeans.  

Chaco and a couple of friends backpacked and camped out on Pikes Peak last weekend.  It was arduous, but sounds like they had fun and learned a lot to add to their backpacking skills.  When they reached the summit, they found it amusing to be greeted by "tourists wanting photos of the natives".  

Wolfgang had another successful cross country meet. Broke his PR time, but says it doesn't count because the course was easy.  The main thing is that he's back operating within the parameters of The Agreement.  

After a mid-week drenching, the weather got all pretty again.  The leaves are just starting to change.  Meego and I took advantage and had a sweet bike ride yesterday.  Had to stop and say Hi to the duck and goose friends.

Speaking of wildlife, the deer have been helping clear out the neighbors' overgrown yard.  As seen in this photo, the big one either shares my concern about the RV in front of the fire hydrant, or is just trying to help preserve the food crop for future seasons.

I hope the blog friends and visitors are also enjoying good times and balance.  My busyness in the week ahead picks up once again, and it is nice to feel wanted, but I've gotten better at saying "no".  I think I said it a good three times this week!  And every "no" in one area means a "yes" in another.  I'm looking forward to some good and fun dirty outdoor plans next weekend.

Just say, "Yes!".


terri said...

I can relate to that agitated feeling over the state of the household. As much as I tend to dread the housework, it always leaves me feeling calmer when it's done.

Glad you enjoyed a balanced week. Mine was pretty off-kilter. I'm hoping to get back to normal this week.

ShadowRun300 said...

Yay for Chaco and Wolfgang! And for you and Meego enjoying the great fall weather!
Nice to see you were able to capture the deer's sentiments on film. Wish we had thought to do that at Grumpy's. (Kidding! That's gross!) :)
I'm jealous that you got some housecleaning AND shopping done. I've been trying to do both and have been unsuccessful. I've got 3 more days to squeeze it in. We'll see...
Enjoy your week! Sounds like you have some fun plans for the end of it!

Abby said...

I swear the "hidden" crumbs under the toaster oven scream me awake at night.

Abby said...

Yeah, I was thinking I was so busy, but looking back, I got a lot of stuff done. And it is nice to be able to enjoy this time of year. You should jump in!

Rebecca S. said...

Nice rack! On the deer, I mean.
Yes, I feel calmer too, when I can keep it all in balance. I've become a little better at juggling all the plates over the years - lots of practice!
What a gorgeous September we are having here too! So dry it's like California.

Anita said...

Kids, nature, and animals - what better subjects for photos.

Your Silver Liningness Sundays are exactly that; always peaceful and ending on a good note.