Friday, September 7, 2012

hot and cold

We have a local Sporting Goods chain that does things a bit backwards this time of year.  While other stores are clearing out all of their summer things to make way for their winter things, this store puts up big tents and has a big old sale on winter items.

This unique event is called SNIAGRAB,  and it's been around for years.  Any guesses from the unfamiliars as to the origin of the name?

SNIAGRAB happens every year on Labor Day weekend.  It's not a major event on my calendar.  We don't ski or snowboard.  For those who think that everyone who lives in Colorado is either a cowboy or a skier/boarder or both, it's  a myth.

Nonetheless, I was at SNIAGRAB last weekend.  Chaco, in the ever popular oh-I-just-thought-of-something-else-I-need mode, asked me to sniagrab him on my way home after tutoring because he needed some outerwear.  

He and his college buddies have become known as outdoorsy geeky guys.  When they're not sitting in front of their computers, they're out hitting the hiking trails.  With winter's impending arrival, he'd inventoried his gear and found it lacking.  So that's why I was in a big tent while wearing a skirt last weekend.

I guess I got caught up in the tent party sale atmosphere, because I didn't walk away empty handed, literally.

One of the items Chaco needed was a pair of winter gloves.  Alas, the SNIAGRAB deal for gloves was the ever trappy BOGO 50%.

The obvious solution?  New gloves for me too, from the spend-money-to-save-money philosophy.

It's not that I don't need them.  I've lost feeling in my fingers, toes, and face on many a crossing guard shift, only to have to deal with the painful re-entry of feeling in these extremeties.  At least, here was an opportunity to do something for the fingers.  Since I've often temporarily lost gloves because they were "borrowed" by some other member in the household, I got some I don't think anyone around here will borrow.  Not unnoticed anyway.

"Hot" pink.  For warmth.  They will absolutely clash with the hideous vest.  Perfect.  And no excuses for not seeing the crossing guard.  Plus, they match my hot pink shoes that do nothing to keep my toes warm.

And that's how we SNIAGRAB.  Okay Winter, bring it.


ShadowRun300 said...

I know it! I know why you all call it Sniagrab! But I was taught as a young girl, while watching Wheel of Fortune with the family, not to blurt the answer out when you know it. Other people want to play too.
Love the gloves though! Even if they will clash with your vest. As I see it, warmth outweighs fashion.
Wish we did things backwards around here - I could use a pair of those myself.

Jenn and Casey said...

Oooh! I like those. They are Jenn-approved. :)

LL Cool Joe said...

Yep no one will miss those! Hope they keep your hands warm!