Friday, August 24, 2012

let's ride!

I just know her as "Bike Lady".  I dubbed her that myself.  She's a bicycle commuter that goes through the crosswalk nearly every morning.  Rain, shine, snow, ice, freezing cold, she's there.

She has three bikes that I know of.  Most days, it's the lightweight commuter, but when there's snow and/or ice, she has a beefier ride complete with studded tires.  There's also a middleweight bike, but I don't recall seeing that one in a while.

We've mostly just ever said "hello" to each other.  Usually, she just rides on up, pushes the button to cross, and she's off.  If her timing's good, she catches the light while I'm already crossing some kids.  If there's a group of kids coming, she's always courteous to wait for them so we don't stop traffic twice.

I'm curious as to how far her commute is.  I assume she's going to a job.  I'd guess that she's around 30 years old.  Her dedication, even in the nastiest kind of weather, is impressive.

I similarly enjoy riding my bicycle with a purpose.  I have no interest at all in bicycle racing - either watching or participating - but I love to use my bicycles for commuting and just gettin' stuff done.

Premium Rush opens today in theaters.  It's an action movie centered around a bicycle messenger in New York City.  I usually watch action movies because that's what the rest of the family is watching, not of my own choosing.  But I'd like to see this one as I'm intrigued by the whole bicycle messenger subculture.  In a nearby parallel universe, in fact, I AM a bicycle messenger.  If not in NYC, then in Chicago.

I think I can get Magnum to see this one with me.  A friend of mine has also highly recommended Hope Springs, which doesn't look like Magnum's typical kind of movie.  But maybe we can use the JoGo movie as a warm up.

Whachu watchin'?


terri said...

Remember Kevin Bacon in the movie Quicksilver? Your post just reminded me of that. I can't remember if I really liked it because it was a good movie, or if I really liked it because it had Kevin Bacon.

I don't see movies much, but the two you mentioned both hit my radar as movies I'd be interested in seeing.

Lately though, I've been watching stuff on Netflix. I'm not much of a t.v. watcher (I always say) but other people insist that I "have to" see things and now with Netflix, I do. So I've watched the first 4 seasons of Mad Men, most of the first season of Arrested Development, one third of the first episode of The League (not for me,) and now I'm going to check out Breaking Bad.

ShadowRun300 said...

You often talk about watching movies with Magnum. Hubby and I used to watch movies every Friday night, but the switch to a hotel job put an end to that. I miss it though, so I'm gonna push to start it back up again... even if it's not really a Friday night.
At the moment, I am watching American Pickers. TV is usually background entertainment - except when Amazing Race and Cupcake Wars is on.
Premium Rush looks good. Will you see it in a theater or wait til it comes out on Netflix?

Anita said...

I wonder if Bike Lady would allow herself to be photographed? You've made me curious as to what she looks like... in action!

I think it's great that you and Magnum enjoy watching movies together.

What am I watchin'? Hmmm... not much. Although, I catch "The Chew" while having a late lunch sometimes. Surprisingly, I'm entertained as well as learning a few cooking tips.

Linda Hensley said...

I'm glad Chaco is enjoying college so far, and glad he his roommate Matt was given an understanding friend to start college. Good luck with the new school year. Your crossing guard stories make me smile :)

agg79 said...

My brother in Seattle has been like Bike Lady. He commutes to his office via bike every day, come rain or shine or snow or sleet or rain (it's Seattle, they don't get many sunny days up there). The fact they live on an island across Puget Sound and has to take a ferry in every morning makes it even more impressive (to me).

I plan to add Premium Rush to my Netflix queue. Looks to be one of those fast paced, all action movies like Speed. I just got finished with Cherry (your recommendation) and Hunger Games. I liked Cherry, definitely a different pace from what I've been watching.

Abby said...

Yes, I remember Kevin Bacon/Quicksilver! It was shortly after Footloose and I really liked it. It's the only other bike messenger movie I know of, although I think Kevin's made a few others...

Chaco's gotten into Breaking Bad, has urged me to watch.

Abby said...

Some beer... some popcorn... a movie. You can pretend it's Friday night.

I'd to see Premium Rush at a theater. We rarely go to the movies, so a big screen Rush would be a treat. Holding out for Netflix could be a Premium WAIT.

Abby said...

Hmmm, a photo of bike lady. I'll see if I can swing it. Funny, she's actually a bit of a mystery to me OTHER than her appearance.

I've long enjoyed watching cooking shows too, although my performance in the kitchen doesn't reflect that.

Abby said...

Greetings Linda!

Abby said...

These hardcore commuters and certainly inspiring. Is this your brother with the yurt?

Yeah, I liked Cherry and felt I could relate to the main character - confused artist/engineer. Haven't seen Hunger Games yet

Anita said...

Maybe you can start with "How far do you ride?" or something that reguires a 1 or 2 word answer.

Everyone has a story. The mysterious Bike Lady might decide to share hers with, who she might consider,the mysterious crossing guard lady. :)