Sunday, July 22, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

Another up and down week.  That seems to be the theme this summer in general.

But this week's highlight is that it was Wolfgang's birthday on Friday - yay, happy 17!  I remember reading a book about some aborigines in Australia who thought it strange that we celebrate birthdays, since they just happen without extra effort on our part.  Just keep riding the earth, you'll get a few birthdays!

It was a bittersweet birthday.  He and a few friends had originally planned to go to the midnight showing of Batman here in town on Thursday night.  They all had to work the next morning though, so they wisely decided to sleep through midnight and made plans to see the movie the next day at the local IMAX.

They all still went, despite the cloud over the event.  He and his friends still loved the movie.  They are all big sci-fi/comic book movie fans.  "Dark Knight Rises" is currently Wolfgang's favorite movie, having nudged out the latest Spiderman flick they just saw recently.

He said the theater was full and that there was a large crowd waiting for the next showing when they left.

I'll admit that I was nervous about them going, but I'm glad they did.  Naturally, we all feel so bad for what happened in Aurora.  I can relate to the people and the families of those in the theater.  Mostly kids and young adults, looking forward to seeing a much anticipated movie.  Summer fun stuff.

Wolfgang raced in a 10k yesterday morning, then we went out for a birthday lunch.  Afterwards, we went and bummed around the nearby mall, mainly to soak up their free air conditioning.

I saw it first!

Wolf bought a Batman poster that he plans to do a drawing of.  Have I mentioned how, of the three kids, I probably relate most to Wolfgang?

He runs.  He draws.  He has no idea yet what he wants to be when he grows up.

We also ended up buying the same souvenir shirts from Comic Con.

We just have to be careful not to wear them on the same days.


lotta joy said...

I'm now wondering if it's advisable to carry my concealed weapon just to go to the movies. IF ONLY someone had been armed in Aurora, but had the training it takes to safely use it.

agg79 said...

Bat Girl!
Happy Birthday to Wolfgang! Only 17 years young! As my brother tells me every year, Congrats for making another lap around the sun!

ShadowRun300 said...

Do you handle your kids' birthdays better than I do? I never feel old until THEY have a birthday.
Sounds like he had a good day. That's how I would have wanted to spend my birthday - running, eating, shopping.
I'm happy he didn't let the shooting keep him (and everyone else) from going to the movies. It shows the shooter that he doesn't have that much power, but I can see how it musta been scary - especially for you.
Hope this coming week has only 'ups' for you. You all deserve it!

Abby said...

Yes, a lot of "if only's". I think everyone was just so shocked at what was happening. So unexpected :(

Abby said...

Yep, just doing laps!

Abby said...

Wait... who's old?

terri said...

Happy Birthday to Wolfgang! I can understand the bittersweet feeling surrounding the events of the week. Colorado has had more than its share of tragedy this year.

Anita said...

Don't forget to change Wolfgang's age in your profile. And Kat the cat is going to feel a little left out if you don't get her in it, too. :)

I like your Batman shirt. And btw, I think it would be kinda cool for you and Wolf to wear your shirts on the same day. :)

Scott said...

Good news in the wake of tragedy--Happy Birthday to Wolfgang!

Rock Chef said...

Nah, I always thought you would make a good Catwoman.

LL Cool Joe said...

Cool t-shirt! I've always loved Batman, but most of all the very camp original series with Adam West. I did have a Batman belt buckle but I sold it on ebay because it wasn't bling enough for me. Ha!

Anita said...

Good job. :)

Chubby, huh? ...more to love.

Abby said...

Thanks for the proofreading Anita! And sure, the "more to love" saying works for pets too :)