Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dad's wisdom

When I was a kid, my dad used to pull my teeth.  Soon after one showed the slightest sign of coming loose, he'd take me out back and punch me in the mouth.

Okay, it wasn't quite like that.

Actually, we'd go into the bathroom where he would wrap some floss around the short-timer and wiggle it and wiggle it and wiggle it until it came out.  His reasoning was that my mouth needed to be rid of the old teeth to make proper room for the new teeth, or else the new ones would come in crooked.  I guess there was method to his madness.  My teeth did come in pretty straight, and I avoided the whole social awkwardness that braces sometimes brought.

Eventually, I had kids of my own and made sure that their teeth came in straight too.

NOT!  You kidding?  Gross!

Surprisingly, though, we haven't had many teeth issues.  Yesterday, I was at the dentist with Meego for a checkup.  His teeth look straight enough to me, but apparently he's got some weird jaw curvature going on so that his back teeth hardly touch when he closes his mouth.

Looks like we're in for "Summer Dental Checkup, the Sequel".  "headgear", "appliances" were a couple of the words mentioned.  Braces probably after he loses all of the baby teeth, depending on how well the "headgear" and "appliances" work.  So now we have an appointment with the orthodonti$t in the very po$h office building with rather fancy busine$$ card$.  

Chaco also went in.  His teeth are fine and straight and without issues.

Except for maybe those wisdom teeth.  Yep, those should come out.  Dentist says he's right in the age window where people get their wisdom teeth removed, and that he should probably do it before school starts.  I thought about the stories I've heard of others' experiences of being doped up and getting their wisdom teeth out.

I've kept mine.  Yes, I have a couple of wise old teeth, and they're not going anywhere.  Apparently, I have - in technical dental terms - a "big mouth".

Headgear, appliances, braces, wisdom teeth removal.  I blame their father.  


agg79 said...

I like your dad's approach - a lot cheaper but probably would get you in trouble with CPS. My son had braces done in high school including some e-surge (not fun). I took him to Six Flags as part of a consolation prize. I have ok teeth. Never had braces. My dentist keeps telling me that I could get them now but I figure what's the use a 55? Did have the wisdom teeth pulled about 25 years ago. Definitely get doped up for it and do it on a Thursday to have the weekend to recover. I wish them good luck.

Anita said...

Braces for child #1 and 2, and probably for #3 in my house. Child 1 had wisdom teeth removed and yes, doped out of her mind was the case, though limited in time.

I could go on, but I'm sure you've heard it all already.

I'm always amazed at families who get away without much orthodontia. Maybe Meego will be a six months and over job; as opposed to 2 2-year pha$e$. (I'll be using your version of the letter S.)

What a "nice" way to bond with your dad. lol

Abby said...

My first time ever in a dentist chair happened when I was 11 and had just broken my perfectly straight front teeth. My poor dad, all that work for nothing?

Abby said...

Well I don't know what e-surge is, and we won't let Meego see your comment about a consolation prize - unless he's in need of consolation.

Scott said...

I love how you make the "s"-es into dollar signs--that's ingenious!

CiCi said...

At least your dad didn't use pliers. Or did he?

When I was growing up we didn't go to dentists so it became evident when I became an adult that i needed braces but I have never had them. Maybe when I get older.

ShadowRun300 said...

I had a hard time pulling my own teeth out, let alone my kids. Luckily our kids don't have too many teeth issues. Daughter would like some because she's got the Dave Letterman gap - although not as bad. :) Hubby has a big mouth as well and has all his wisdom teeth. I had mine cut out at 18. I was drugged, but don't remember it being too bad....
Never understand how the orthodontist isn't covered under insurance. I know it's cosmetic, but sometimes it's needed.....

Anita said...

A large portion (1 complete treatment per person insured)of it is covered under our dental plan, which costs a mint; so one way or the other, it ain't cheap!

terri said...

My kids were doomed from the start, dentally speaking. We had a whole lot of overcrowding going on. Three kids. Three sets of braces. I saw the orthodontist while we were on vacation. He had a beautiful sailboat out on Lake Superior. Couldn't help but think I had a hand in financing that thing.