Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Amelia Earhart.  Is the mystery almost solved?  Based mainly on a found jar of freckle cream, it's suspected that she spent her last days as a castaway on a deserted island. 

This reminds me of a writing prompt a student of mine had not long ago.  He was to write a short essay on this:

"If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could take only 2 people with you, which of these would you choose:
  • construction worker
  • minister/priest/rabbi
  • doctor
  • musician
  • soldier
  • police officer
  • firefighter

He chose a soldier and a doctor, which I thought were good choices based on that list alone.  I also thought the list was kinda slim pickings! 

Nothing against any of these professions, but really, how useful are they in a survival situation like being stranded on a deserted island?  At least the soldier would have some survival training, the doctor could diagnose stuff...

But let's see, if we could come up with a want ad.  Who would apply?

Dynamic Executive Assistant needed to organize, manage and oversee  procedures for stranded adventurers.

Eligible candidates must know how kill wild animals and prepare them for human consumption, be able to identify, with 100 percent accuracy, edible plant life, and be familiar with antidotes to counteract the ingestion of non-edible plant life.  Fire building and maintenance is required along with the generation of non-intestinal parasitic water and the construction of shelter against typhoons and stuff. 

Knowledge of Excel, Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Photoshop is pretty worthless for this position.  Experience in dealing with wimpy people in the throes of freaking out is desired as is the ability to work long unpredictable hours on little or no sleep or caffeine. 

Salary is comensurate with how many edibles you can kill. 

If you know of anyone, have them give me a ring.


Judy said...

Sounds like you're planning a family vacation somewhere in here...

Anita said...

I'm reminded of the book my girls read, "Island of the Blue Dolphins." I'd take a lesson from Karana.

Wouldn't it be fascinating to "really" solve the mystery of Amelia?

I like your sensible and clever ideas about survival. :)

lotta joy said...

Policeman? All they would know about survival is to shoot first.

Fireman? I'm married to one and if we're ever stranded, I hope I have my purse with me full of candy bars.

Priest? What? We gonna bless the sand?

Carpenter? Even a professor couldn't fix that hole in the boat.

Musician? Not even worth a comment.

Doctor? Maybe he'd know what to smoke...then again, there's the musician for that.

Soldier? Yes please. Just make sure he's also tall and good looking....oh, and not gay or married.

terri said...

I'd go with a soldier for his/her survival skills and the musician for his/her creative mind which would result in interesting conversation. Don't want to be bored while I'm busy trying to survive!