Sunday, May 13, 2012

Silver Liningness Sunday

First of all, it is Mother's Day, and let me just reiterate that I'm not into these "Hallmark Holidays".  My kids and Magnum know to not do anything Hallmarkish.  In fact, in my rebellion, I went out and bought THEM donuts this morning.

But it's not to cheapen the reverence I hold for my own mom.  Maybe it's the reverence I feel for my own mom which makes me dislike the once-a-year cheapening of it.  That and my early job as a busgirl and how Mother's Day Brunch was the most back breaking work of the year.

Either way, hail to my wonderful mom!

And speaking of special occassions, last night my in-laws took us out to dinner for Chaco's high school graduation.  It was a nice gathering at a local restaurant that was just fancy enough to make for a special occassion but not so fancy as to be a snob-fest.  And the food was the best I've ever had.  There must be a real chef in the kitchen rather than someone who just worked his or her way up from dishwasher. 

And finally, since I'm sure readers are on pins and needles wondering about my UFO (Unidentified Fluffy Object) encounter, the mystery has been solved.

It's a Pillow Pet. 

As I had so adeptly deduced, its presence here was Wolfgang's doing.  A friend of his on the girl's track team left it at the meet (so sad... reminds me of the beginning of Toy Story 3).  Wolfgang brought it here, it's foster home.  He says he'll get it back to its true home. 

It's still here.  I'm becoming quite attached. 


ShadowRun300 said...

You seem to me, to be just as wonderful a mom as your mother was, so I hope your day was "sap-free" just like you wanted! ;)
Now that you mentioned it was a pillow pet, I can remember seeing this particular one in a store. Perhaps Wolfgang can get you your own for Mother's Day?? I wouldn't classify pillow pets as Hallmark Holiday-ish.

agg79 said...

Happy Mother's Day, in spite of your insistence not conform to the norm (Resistance is Futile). I agree that one day is not enough to thank the Mom, but at least it makes people stop and thank their moms, if not for just a short while. I like your approach, however, and have the same outlook towards father's day. Another Hallmark Holiday.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I think you need to get your very own UFO. Congrats on the graduation!

terri said...

I have similar sentiments about Mothers Day. Hallmark is the only real beneficiary on this day. The rest of us are just suckers who play into their genius little scheme.

Congrats to Chaco on surviving high school! Woot! Woot!

Cute little pillow pet. I tried to find a penguin version of those things for Kacey. She has a thing for Penguins. Couldn't find one. Good thing too. They're kind of expensive considering they're really just pillows. Pillows that a 19 year old doesn't really need.

Anita said...

Your mother would be so touched to see these few, but power-packed words you've spoken about her. I'm guessing she doesn't read (or know about) your blog... or does she?

A good Mother's Day celebration for me this year because "I" decided what I wanted to do; starting with a Fondue dinner on Saturday night instead of Sunday. Yum!

Glad Chaco's celebration provided you with some tasty cuisine, too!

And yes, we have a pillow pet. :)